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Electronic Spirit is a anime/manga concept
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Electronic Spirits are mysterious entities that control each of the moving cities in Chrome Shelled Regios. They could be considered the will of an entire city.

Electronic Spirits (alternatively called Electronic Fairies or E-Fairies) are intangible beings made out of unknown particles. Their existence is essential for each Regios to function. Technically, they behave like a city's consciousness and guide it through the hardships. Electronic Fairies are the protective entities of each Regios. They do everything in their power to protect the city and aid the citizens. As such each Regios is moving on a course to avoid encountering Filth Monsters. They can sense approaching threats hundreds of miles away. Although they are unable to find monsters hiding bellow the surface.

Aside from controlling the city, Electronic Spirits are also responsible for producing food, materials and assisting repairs. They manage it through powering various machinery, albeit in dire situations they're also capable of performing these spontaneously. The source of the Electronic Spirits' power is supposedly the Selenium. It's a mysterious fuel mined in Selenium Mines, a very volatile liquid which violently explodes upon contact with the air. Selenium is the important livehood of all Electronic Spirits. Without it, the Electronic fairies are unable to work and would eventually starve to death.

The proper origin of the Electronic Spirits is currently unknown. They were said to be the children of Saya, the creator of the world Chrome Shelled Regios takes place in. Also supposedly, all Electronic Fairies were born in Schneibel, through the Rigzario System. The system works like a giant womb, constantly birthing new Electronic fairies. After staying a little in Schneibel these young spirits go on a journey to find a new city to inhabit.

All Electronic Fairies are connected through the En Network. That allows them to sense each other and communicate through long distances. The language of the Electronic Spirits is far too alien for humans to comprehend. Although some Electronic Fairies tend to speak with humans through telepathy. The same En system can be also used to teleport individuals between cities. Perhaps only a select few people are able to perform that.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Electronic Spirit
Japanese Name: 電子精霊
Romaji Name: Denshi Seirei
Aliases Electronic Fairy
1st manga book: Chrome Shelled Regios #1
1st anime episode: Chrome Shelled Regios #3
1st anime movie:
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