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Eleanor Mercer is a anime/manga character
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A foreign-exchange student attending classes in Japan, she is madly obsessed with her childhood friend Yumioka Masaki and seeks to be with him for the rest of her life. Not shy with her curvacious body, Eleanor takes the concept of a wild, sex-obsessed girl to the extreme.


Currently attending classes at the local high school as a foreign-exchange student since her busy mother is constantly conducting business trips in and around Japan, Eleanor Mercer is the main female protagonist of the manga Honey Blonde and she is madly in love with her childhood friend Yumioka Masaki, who attends the same classes as her at school. On the outside, she appears to be another clumsy, not too bright girl who is more concerned about her body than with her grades, but when her overactive sex drive kicks in and takes over her train of thought, she becomes a sex-obsessed girl that demands nothing less than multiple orgasms. She is the daughter of Karen Mercer, who spends most of her days out conducting meetings and deals between her company and other Japanese companies.

Early Years

Young Eleanor and Masaki meet for the first time
Young Eleanor and Masaki meet for the first time

Not much is known about Eleanor's early years, other than that she first met Masaki when he was being babysat by her mother back when she was a child. From the first time they met, they have been good friends and have spent time with each other almost every day of their lives as they grew up and reached the end of middle school. Her mother, Karen Mercer, who is almost always gone on business trips in and around Japan, is not around in Eleanor's life too often and Masaki ends up being the one who she spends time with and grows to love. They first had sex with each other shortly before they began their studies at high school, and since then, sex is the one part of their relationship that bonds them closely together and makes their lives exciting when the going gets tough.


Eleanor Mercer, who is created by Fukudahda or Kensoh Ogawa, has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her. She first appears in Honey Blonde volume 1.



Eleanor and Masaki walking together to high school
Eleanor and Masaki walking together to high school

Once in high school, Eleanor undergoes major changes in her both her body and disposition, mainly due to her now active sex drive and based on her mother's genetic traits that she has been given. Her hips and bottom round out, her modest-sized breasts explode in size, and she begins to portray a sultry, lusting personality around Maskai, who is surprised by her sudden body changes after they first have sex. Another strange genetic feature that she has received from her mother Karen is the fact that whenever she becomes aroused or stimulated, her breasts begin to lactate large amounts of breast milk, which happens to be one of the major weaknesses that Maskai has and she uses it to her advantage in getting her way with him on many occasions.


  • Her Life with Yumioka Masaki

Officially, Eleanor and Masaki are not "going out with each other" as of yet, but that does not stop her from getting what she wants sex-wise from Masaki whenever she feels like it. Eleanor Mercer spends almost all of her time with or near her beloved Yumioka Maskai when they are at school, in town, and at her home. They have been together since they were young and have been sexually active together since roughly before they began their careers at high school. She is rarely away from his side and makes sure that he takes interest in no other woman other than herself.

  • Takeuchi Shinobu

She maintains her friendship with Takeuchi Shinobu, who finds herself a boyfriend in Masaki's friend Yoshimi Yetsu and spends time with him around both Eleanor and Masaki. Eleanor's wild romps with Masaki causes Takuchi she explore her sexuality with her boyfriend, Yoshimi Yetsu.

Story Arcs

Chapter One: Hard Times at School!

Eleanor struggles in class once again, much to her shame
Eleanor struggles in class once again, much to her shame

Eleanor Mercer is first shown having sex with Yumioka Masaki in a secluded area on school as the chime for classes to resume begins. She reminds Masaki that they are going to be late, but her words fall on deaf ears as he continues onward with his efforts and she gets caught up on the pleasure of the sex she is having. When they have finished, they both rush off to class. Once again, they are late which causes Takeuchi Shinobu and Yoshimi Tetsu, to be curious. During class, Eleanor is chosen by the teacher to answer a question, but she fails to answer correctly. She must stay after school to study more. Used to Eleanor's constant struggles in class, Masaki decides to stay after class with her to support her efforts in studying. As she slogs through some of her extra studies, she grows weary of the additional work; she begins her efforts to engage Masaki in a kiss. Yet, he blocks her by his milk carton. She is disappointed when her puckered lips only touch the end of his straw.

Bored out of her mind, Eleanor begins to engage him in a conversation as she tries to get out of studying. Masaki objects to her words and tells her that they can not go home until she finishes with her studies. Suddenly, Eleanor's chair falls over, and she crashes on the floor. Alarmed by the hard fall, Masaki leaps to his feet and goes to her side, trying to help her as she lays on the ground with a slightly dazed look on her face. When he leans over to check on her, she attacks him with a surprised, seductive kiss. When they finish kissing, Eleanor promptly sits up and begins to remove her clothes much to the surprise of Masaki. He remarks that they had sex already as she removes her bra and looks at him with a sultry look on her face. They engage in wild sex in the middle of the classroom until she achieves multiple orgasms hand after he triggers the lactation of milk from her breasts. Afterwords, they leave the school and head back home together, with Eleanor commenting on how much better she feels after achieving her multiple orgasms, but Masaki is still somewhat disappointed that she didn't even finish a single page of her studies.

Chapter Two: The Beach Sex-cation!

Eleanor and Masaki in the ocean together, the ferris wheel in the distance
Eleanor and Masaki in the ocean together, the ferris wheel in the distance

Eleanor, Masaki, and her friends go to the beach to relax. While the boys go get drinks, Eleanor's friends started teasing Eleanor's breasts. Before Eleanor could get even, Masaki and Yoshimi explains that their friends went skirt chasing. Yoshimi and Takeuchi leave Eleanor and Masaki for the surf. Eventually, the bored couple go to the surf, and Eleanor catches Masaki in a surprise foreplay as a reward for not skirt chasing. Unable to hold back, Masaki returns the favor to Eleanor who stops him due her crazy idea that Masaki could accidentally impregnate the women around them. As Eleanor spots the ferris wheel, they have sex in the ferris wheel when their ride are at the highest peak. During their sex, they find Yoshimi and Takuchi enjoying themselves. After the first orgasm, Eleanor becomes adventurous and wants Masaki to have anal sex with her. Once they both climax, Masaki rests his head on Eleanor's lap and drinks Eleanor's breast milk. Eleanor and Masaki end their day with shaved ice treat.

Chapter Three: Mother Knows Best!

Tired from another long day, Masaki wakes from his nap only to find a weird sensation around his groin. He finds Eleanor's mother, Karen, is putting his penis in her mouth. Suddenly, Eleanor walks in with her sharp knife and is stunned to see her own mother doing such things with Masaki. As he tries to explain, Eleanor turns on her mother and demands to know why she is doing this to Masaki. Karen responds by saying that he was "crying for it" and that she just wanted him to feel good. Eleanor is on her period, so she cannot have sex with him for several days. She stops her mother when dinner is ready. Towards the end of dinner, her mother Karen begins to make advances upon the hapless Masaki.

Karen Mercer temps Masaki with her massive breasts, much to the displeasure of Eleanor
Karen Mercer temps Masaki with her massive breasts, much to the displeasure of Eleanor

Even though she is on her period, Eleanor aides her mom to help Masaki by combining their efforts. Masaki is utterly blown away when both Eleanor and Karen remove their bras and use their massive breasts to stimulate his genitals. Unable to control himself, he caves in and unleashes his reproductive juices on both of the women. Aroused by Misaki's semen, Karen gets up and has sex on top of Masaki. Now fully stimulated, Karen's breasts begin to lactate large amounts of breast milk, and she makes Masaki try her milk to see if it is any better than the milk Eleanor produces when she is aroused. Meanwhile, Eleanor becomes envious of what she is missing out on and begins to play with herself. She moves over to Masaki and begins kissing him as passionately as she can, continuously stimulating herself with her free hand as Karen begins to reach her orgasm. With two women engaging his body in such a aggressive manor, Masaki again reaches his limit and this time unloads his fluids deep within Karen. Before leaving Eleanor and Masaki, Ms. Mercer jokes with Masaki by telling him to keep Eleanor happy. After Ms. Mercer leaves, Eleanor grabs Masaki and tells him to not do that again.

Chapter Four: Love Hotel Rumble!

The two couples unexpectedly meet at the Love Hotel downtown
The two couples unexpectedly meet at the Love Hotel downtown

While out on a dinner date together, Eleanor surprises Masaki with her request to have sex with him at the nearby Love Hotel because she wants a "change of pace." Unsure if he can afford renting a room, Masaki falters and tries to talk her out. He agrees to take her, so they can "experiment" with each other in a new locale. When they finish their meal, they set off towards the nearest and affordable Love Hotel in their area. After pondering which room to get, Eleanor reaches out to select one. As she touches the screen, another hand touches the same screen. They are blown away that both of their friends Takeuchi and Yoshimi are the other couple who have chosen the same room as them. Surprised to see Masaki and Eleanor, Takeuchi and Yoshimi are embarrassed and unsure what to do. After several awkward moments, both couples try offering each other the room. Takeuchi comes up with a proposition to share the room. Both couples agree. While Eleanor and Masaki take a seat, Takeuchi immediately perform oral sex with Yoshimi. As Takeuchi performs oral sex on Yoshimi, Eleanor turns to Masaki and asks if this is the same shy Takeuchi. Masaki shrugs and they resume watching the wild antics of the couple.

After climbing on top of Yoshimi, Takeuchi asks her friend why they have not started yet. Unsure of what to respond with, both Eleanor and Masaki realizes that this is their chance to experiment with something new and to show their friends how much they love each other. Already aroused from witnessing their friends having sex, Eleanor begins to undress and bends over, and Masaki begins to pleasure her. Now, both couples are working hard to reach their climax. Once Eleanor's stimulated enough, her breasts begin to lactate breast milk. This causes both Takeuchi and Yoshimi to freak out when they think she is pregnant. Eleanor reassures them that this is normal, and they get back to having sex while engaging in a passionate conversation. Finally, both Masaki and Yoshimi reach their limits and release their fluids into their partners just as Eleanor and Takeuchi both achieve their orgasms. Afterwards, the two couples depart from the hotel with a better understanding of each other. Eleanor and Masaki catch the train home and discuss about how they are shocked to the true nature of their friends while Takeuchi and Yoshimi also have a conversation.

Chapter Five: It's Love! Reclaiming Our Passion!

The four friends discuss their experiences from the prior night
The four friends discuss their experiences from the prior night

The following day at school, Eleanor meets up with Takeuchi on one of the balconies while both of their men are inside the bathrooms. They discussed about last night, and Takeuchi reveals why she got her left nipple pierced for Yoshimi because he uses to stimulate her. Meanwhile, the two men arrived to find their girlfriends talking to each other. When the chime sounds, they head off to class. After class, both Eleanor and Masaki return to her home to take a bath with each other. As she showers, a revelation strikes Eleanor. She stops her shower and declares that they are lacking the feeling of innocent love. She remembers how Takeuchi peed after achieving her orgasm last night which makes Masaki aroused. Eleanor decides to do the same for Masaki, so she spreads her legs in front of him. He asks her what she is doing, and she replies that she wants to get back to their first infatuation by peeing on him. The transfixed Masaki has his lower part of his body drenched. When she noices Eleanor how Masaki likes it, Masaki suddenly presses hard on her stomach to force her to pee twice the amount.

Now fully aroused and ready to go, Masaki engages Eleanor in rough oral sex. Unable to stop his sudden advances, Eleanor gives in. This continues until he ejaculates in her mouth and she gulps it down like esctacy. Noticing Eleanor is shocked, Masaki apologizes to her. Then Eleanor and Masaki continue having sex in the bathtub until they both climax. The couple wash themselves afterwards. As Eleanor leaves the bathroom, she trips on the edge of the flooring and exposes her rear in the air. Before she knows it, he re-engages her in sex and proceeds to pound her until he triggers her breasts to begin lactating breast milk at a torrid pace. Physically worn out and feeling like a angel, Eleanor compliments Masaki on how he seems to be getting better. She then falls asleep in her bed much to the surprise Masaki.

Chapter Six: Running on Empty? Shocked into Dryness!

While eating breakfast at his home, Masaki's mother and father announce that they are transferring back to England for their current jobs at another branch office, and when his mother asks him if he will be coming along with them. Blown away by the news, Masaki begins to answer but is cut short when Eleanor arrives. As they walk towards school, Eleanor begins noticing that Masaki looks concerned, but she does not ask him. Later, Takeuchi and Yoshimi are busy painting the class banner for the upcoming festival. Masaki confesses to Takeuchi, Yoshimi, and Eleanor that he is leaving to England. Eleanor is stunned that her beloved Masaki is leaving her. Worried that Eleanor is depressed, Takeuchi slaps her on the face as Masaki watches them. When she recovers from her mental lockup, Eleanor regains her composure. At this point, both Takeuchi and Yoshimi help Eleanor get to the nurse's office. When the nurse leaves for lunch, Masaki approaches Eleanor to talk for a moment. She asks him if he is worried about his parents leaving; Masaki replies no, but he gives her a heart attack.

Eleanor in a state of shock from Masaki's statement
Eleanor in a state of shock from Masaki's statement

Feeling obligated to help her recover, Masaki agrees to help satisfy her and begins to stimulate her clitoris with his tongue. Fully stimulated by the fast work of his tongue, While Eleanor tries to suppress her moans, they hurry to finish before the nurse comes back. After they both achieve another climax together, Masaki comments on how dry is throat is. Then Eleanor offers him her breasts, so that he can greedily drink her breast milk like before. He quickly latches on and begins to suck as hard as he can, but he realizes that nothing is coming out of it. Eleanor becomes depressed and she thinks her "womanly assets" are running dry and possibly withering away.

Later, Takeuchi tries to comfort Eleanor as they work as waitresses. Eleanor replies that she understands how deeply Masaki cares for her and her well-being. Afterwards, Takeuchi and Yoshimi go to a closed part of the school to have sex. Takeuchi tells him that she has confessed to Eleanor about having left nipple pierced. As Takeuchi pees from her orgasm, Yoshimi tells her not to do that since she soaks the school floor. At Eleanor's home, she is sitting on her bed squeezing her breasts to make them lactate. When she fails, she calls her mother only to answering the voice mail.

Chapter Seven: Our Undying Love! Making Things Right!

Takeuchi grills Masaki over his failure to sleep with Eleanor
Takeuchi grills Masaki over his failure to sleep with Eleanor

Another day at school, the somber Eleanor still feels disappointed with herself. While Eleanor work at the school cafe, Masaki heads to the roof and stares at the sky. When Takeuchi and Yoshimi arrive to hand him a carton of milk, Yoshimi thinks that Masaki was not getting enough calcium in his diet. Noticing his change in behavior, Takeuchi suddenly snaps on him and demands to know why he has failed to sleep with poor Eleanor and show her a good time. Yoshimi tries to calm down Takeuchi, but she continues to verbally grill Masaki. Yet, she suddenly stops and begins to kiss Yoshimi. Now with her harsh words imprinted into his memory, Masaki gets leaves to find Eleanor. When he finds Eleanor, he asks her to come with him for a minute. Once outside, he begins to confess his strong feelings to her and asks her to go out with him. Surprised, Eleanor drops the serving tray and tells him that they are were dating. Masaki explains that they have just been doing what came naturally for them since they were kids. He just wanted to confirm their relationship with each other. Relieved, Eleanor hugs him tightly and rewards Masaki with her breasts. After several minutes, Masaki fails to stimulate them into releasing breast milk, so they end up hugging each other despite the lactation problem.

Later that night, Masaki wakes up when his cellphone rings. Once he answers, Karen begins to explain the issues behind Eleanor's breasts. After he enters the dining room without disturbing Eleanor, Karen Mercer, who tells Masaki that her husband's sudden death had died cause her breasts to stop lactating. She goes on to tell him that Eleanor must have suffered the same kind of shock when Masaki had discussed his parents leaving for Europe. Masaki reassures her that he cares very deeply about Eleanor, and that he intends to be with her for as long as they live. Before Karen hangs up, she jokes with him to have another group sex with him.

Eleanor now knows that Masaki's heart is hers at last
Eleanor now knows that Masaki's heart is hers at last

Masaki heads back to the bedroom and find that Eleanor who is worried. After he explains to about what Karen told him, the confident Eleanor asks him to have sex with her. Surprised, Masaki smiles which causes Eleanor to remember Masaki's smile in their childhood. She finally thinks she has Masaki's heart. Masaki, making sure that he can do his best to break the shock that Eleanor suffered, and Eleanor makes sure to do her best for him as well. Suddenly, Eleanor begins to feel a weird feeling in her chest, and her breasts begin lactating large amounts of breast milk again. Losing control of himself at the sight of her milk, Masaki greedily begins sucking on her breasts. Unable to control himself any longer, Masaki begins anew on delivering to her the best sex that they have ever had, and they continue until they both reach their climaxes several times. In the morning, Masaki and Eleanor head off to the airport to say farewell to Masaki's parents.

Discussing their futures together (Honey Blonde)
Discussing their futures together (Honey Blonde)

After his parents depart and the plane takes off, Masaki and Eleanor sit with each other on one of the benches at the airport, discussing their futures together with each other as they lean against each other. The next day, Eleanor finally gets one of her discussions right. Takeuchi and Yoshimi can't believe that she has improved so much in such a short time. The story ends with Masaki and Eleanor exchanging loving smiles at each other.

Other Media

Eleanor Mercer Figure (ORCHID SEED)
Eleanor Mercer Figure (ORCHID SEED)

Outside of the Honey Blonde manga, Eleanor Mercer has yet to be featured in any outside series, volumes, or movies. She does have several anime figures produced by Orchid Seed as of today, and it is for those 18+ (due to Sexual Themes, Nudity, and Adult Content).

References/ Allusions

  • During class, Eleanor is chosen by the teacher to answer a question to the topic on the board that has themes of the game written on it.
  • A place, MosDonalds, has a similar name to a fast food franchise, MacDonalds.
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