El Hazard 2: The Magnificent World Characters

El Hazard 2: The Magnificent World is an anime series in the El-Hazard franchise
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Afura Mann

Mt. Muldoon's Priestess of the Wind and the most serious of the three priestesses.

Alielle Relrye


The queen of the Bugrom. She forms an alliance with Jinnai to conquer El Hazard.

Fatora Venus

Fatora Venus is the princess of Roshtaria and sister to Rune Venus. Fatora is an open and proud lesbian with a high sex-drive. She is mostly known for taking advantage of other female characters and having a relationship with Alielle. she shares an uncanny likeness in appearance to Makoto.


Katsuhiko Jinnai

Egomaniacal antagonist of the El-Hazard franchise and Makoto Mizuhara's self-declared rival. A manipulative student that cheated to win the student body presidency, he subsequently becomes the Bugrom force's military commander after being transported to El-Hazard.

Makoto Mizuhara

Makoto is the main character in the El-Hazard franchise. An average Japanese teenager, he is transported to the world of El-Hazard, where he is forcefully recruited into impersonating a missing princess. His journey to El-Hazard granted him the power to synchronize and control ancient El-Hazard technologies.

Masamichi Fujisawa

The alcoholic, chain-smoking history teacher of the El-Hazard franchise. Upon being transported to El-Hazard, he gains super-strength and athletic ability, but only as long as he's sober.

Miz Mishtal

The priestess of water of Mt Muldoon.

Nanami Jinnai

The younger sister of Katsuhiko Jinnai. She is obsessed with money.

Rune Venus

Shayla Shayla

Shayla Shayla is one of the Muldoon Priestesses. Shayla Shayla have the power to control fire

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