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The Next orbital colony declares independence from Earth, starting a war of secession fought with giant robots called Metal Vehicles. Meanwhile, the terrorist organization Tera, led by the telepathic boy Hal, fights the Earth government from within, as the Next forces search desperately for the legendary "S" superweapon that will turn the tide of the war. On a wrecked colony satellite, a group of part-time pirates turn out to be the best pilots of the lot, and the scene is set for a blatant Gundam rip-off. Originally broadcast on Japanese late-night TV, the production may well have been dumped in the graveyard shift as a cheaper alternative to video; certainly, there is no "adult" content to otherwise justify its broadcast time. Though the English-language translation tries to spice up the language somewhat, it is a perfectly mundane children's robot show with animation so cheap that the robots slide everywhere instead of walking. And no matter how old the original target audience, it was bound to be bewildered by the baffling array of sides in the war, with two nations, two freelance groups, and, as the plot advances, a newly arrived alien civilization to boot. Supposedly amusingly referential and parodic but really just plain dull, the series is best remembered for spawning a PlayStation game in which characters from Final Fantasy VII made cameo appearances, which is hardly a recommendation.

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General Information Edit
Name Ehrgeiz
Romaji: Next Senki: Ehrgeiz
Publisher ?
Start Year 1997
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Aliases Next Chronicle: Ehrgeiz
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