ef - a tale of memories

ef - a tale of memories is an anime series in the ef - a fairy tale of the two. franchise
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The Anime Ef: A Tale of Memories was produced by Shaft and adapted into 12 episodes. It was aired in 2007 between October and December followed by the second season Ef: A Tale of Melodies which also has 12 episodes but was aired between October and December 2008. MangaGamers in the fall of 2010 was granted the rights of the visual novel for a worldwide English release partnered up with the translation group No Name Losers. But the lozenge holding company for both Ef series is Sentai Filmworks. The main producer for the Anime planning is Minori while the director and one of the main scenario writers for Ef was Mikage. The planning started in 2004. He character designs for the females was done by Naru Nanao but the males were done by 2C Galore. The animation studios Ajia-do Animation Works and Makoto Shinkai did the opening movie while all the music was composed by Tenmon. In-between August 11 and August 13, 2007 was released the Ef: First Fan Disc which was played on PC. Later was sold the retail story of Ef on August 25, 2007.


This anime consists of many feelings, stories, past, future and present. But the main properties of this anime is three different girls that are related to each other through feelings, blood or thoughts.The first character that drew every ones attention was Yuko Amamiya. She is a young girl that is dressed up as a nun and appears first of all the girls in this story. Even though her morals are not related to the church at all she most often appears there in front of the grown gentlemen Yu Himura.At first the scene is set at abandoned train station where Renji meets mysterious female Chihiro Shinodo. At first the abandoned train station is nothing but a place where Renji goes to read but later in the series we figure this is where the beginning started with their relationship. The relationship gets more and more passionate as the characters get to know each other. Like our old charcter introduced new Yu Himura. He is like a official guardian to Chihiro and gives blunt warnings to Renji that he has no idea what he is getting himself into. But aside his warnings there relationship grows strong. Aside their strong bonds Chihiros is as dangerous as Yu told him. Despite the eye patch she has on her left eye caused in a accident she has the memory span of only 13 hours anything that happened before then she writes in a diary which she reads everyday trying to let her self be normal. As Renji tries to deepen their freindship matters seem to get worse. But every story has peacefull ending. And then comes a very talented manga artist Hiro Hirono even though he attends school he spends most of his time in the comfort of his room drawing and writing manga. The work his does leads to laziness and low attendance for school. Not to mention the little money he gets for sacrificing his time for it. So it was a strange event that on Christmas night he gets robbed my a high schooler about the same age as him named Miyako Miyamura. Eventually when he catches up with the thief they resolve what just happened and continue to meet each other at different times and days. Despite Miyako Miyamuras hyper atmosphere and happy moods she can't be left alone. Her greatest fear of all time is being forgotten or as she would put it disappear from Hiro Hironos life. That is where our next character comes in Kei Shindo. Kei has a huge grudge over Miyako because not only does she take him away form his studies but he is slowly growing a distance between Kei too. Kei is like a older sister to Hiro. She constantly follwos him around telling him he should be focusing less on his job and more on his school grades. The fact isn't that he doesn't like or respect Kei but he simply refuses to give up on something so important to him. Kei is worried about Hiro. But not only worried she is in love with him. It's just that they have been like siblings for so long she doesn't know if Hiro will react the same. As we reach our story reaches a conclusion we learn that Hiro finally makes a great move with Miyako and then when Kei discovers their scandal she forces to run. No matter how amny times Miyako kas told him if you run away i wont be here when you come back he still runs after Kei. Miyako's sad story is that she always disappears from others life she would rather leave before he forgets her then be left behind. Hiro on his way of finding Kei a dear wise Friend of his appears. Originally he was just capturing moments of Kei watching her moves. This dear friend tells he can see everything though his film filter and tells her she doesn't have to be afraid. And as he runs into Hiro knowing the situation he tells Hiro he is half assed. that everything he does never finishes the way he wants to and if he loved Kei he should've taken it to the next level a long time ago. Hiro finally catches up with Kei and confesses but sadly he admits that Miyako is still more important to him. Kei understands she tells him she will never forget him but he knows that Kei will eventually move along and find her place in life. Miyako final goodbye only lasts 100 seconds as she calls Hiro and tells him she is leaving. But he doesn't stand for it. he tells her how much he loves her, he tells her that she doesn't ever have to worry about he will take care of it, he will take care of everything. Miyako was right about to give in into his gargantuan confession and love her credit on the payphone expires. As she leaves the booth there is Hiro on his bike exasperated as he has rode all around town searching for the pay phone she was using they are finally reunited but this couple is not the only one that needs a ending in this story.


Main Cast

Chihiro Shindou (新藤 千尋 Shindō Chihiro)
Voiced by: Natsumi Yanase; Monica Rial
Romance: Renji Asou
Gender: Female
As a little girl, Chihiro had an accident which caused an amnesia so she cannot remember anything past thirteen hours previous. Because of that she keeps track of her memories in her diary and if something really important happens she has stay up late thinking about it so she wont forget it.
Renji Asou (麻生蓮治 Asō Renji)
Voiced by: Motoki Takagi; Clint Bickham
Romance: Chihiro Shindou
Gender: Male
Renji is a young boy who one day goes to an abandoned train station where he meets a shy girl with an eyepatch named Chihiro.
Kei Shindou (新藤 景 Shindō Kei)
Voiced by: Junko Okada; Brittney Karbowski
Romance: Kyousuke Tsutsumi
Gender: Female
Kei is Chihiro's twin sister. She is very athletic and often plays basketball.
Kyousuke Tsutsumi (堤 京介 Kyōusuke Tsutsumi)
Voiced by: Yuuki Tai; Chris Patton
Romance: Kei Shindou
Gender: Male
Kyousuke is a boy with a passion in filming.
Miyako Miyamura (宮村みやこ Miyamura Miyako)
Voiced by: Hiroko Taguchi; Luci Christian
Romance: Hiro Hirono
Gender: Female
Miyako is a girl who often skips school. After some time spent with Hiro, she fell in love and become a little obsessed with him.
Hiro Hirono (広野 紘 Hirono Hiro)
Voiced by: Hiro Shimono; Greg Ayres
Romance: Miyako Miyamura
Gender: Male
Hiro is a talented young artist who works as a professional mangaka.
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 12
1 - 11
ever forever
1 - 10
I'm here
1 - 9
forget me not
1 - 8
clear colour
1 - 7
1 - 6
1 - 5
1 - 4
1 - 3
1 - 2
upon a time
1 - 1

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Shin Oonuma
Katsuhiko Takayama

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Name ef - a tale of memories
Publisher Shaft
Start Year 2007
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