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ef - a tale of melodies is an anime series in the ef - a fairy tale of the two. franchise
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Akira Amamiya

Akira Amamiya is Yuko's abusive step-brother.

Chihiro Shindou

One of the three main heroines in "Ef - A Tale of Memories". Because of an accident which happened when she was twelve, her memory resets every thirteen hours.

Hiro Hirono

A talented young artist who works as a professional mangaka.

Kei Shindou

An athletic girl with a passion for basket ball. As children, both Kei and Chihiro befriended a lonely Hiro Hirono.

Kyousuke Tsutsumi

Kyousuke Tsutsumi is Hiro's friend and he seems to be in love with Kei.

Miyako Miyamura

A carefree girl who unexpectedly meets Hirono on Christmas Eve.

Mizuki Hayama

Mizuki Hayama is Kei's friend.

Nagi Hirono

Nagi Hirono is Hiro's older sister and has a talent for painting.

Renji Asou

A young man who befriends Chihiro Shindou.

Shuichi Kuze

Shuichi Kuze is a professional violinist. He have a fetish for girl uniforms (mostly school uniforms).

Sumire Asou

Sumire Asou is Renji's mother.

Yu Himura

A scholarship student. Later, becomes Chihiro Shindo's guardian.

Yuko Amamiya

A girl that befriends Yu Himura as a child.Later, she falls in love with him.

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