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Eden of The East is an anime series in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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smart, stylish and gripping. Competes with even mainstream tv Reviewed by gamebelongtous on Nov. 11, 2010. gamebelongtous has written 13 reviews. His/her last review was for Mask of change. 24 out of 28 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

Eden is what can only be described as a smart, stylish but at all times realistic and adult anime. Now I use the word adult and you’re bound to think of countless other “adult” shows, many of them involving fan service of the highest levels.

Not so with Eden, when I say adult I mean that this show contains some of the best developed storytelling in a TV show this year. Both in and outside of anime.


Not since paranoia agent has an anime managed to stride such a clear footing of quality in its storytelling and production values.


The plot, not to give too much away, revolves around a totally random meeting a young woman, Saki,  has while on a trip to Washington DC with a nude young man who appears across the street from the white house carrying a gun and a phone. Also missing his memory.


Saki ends up getting caught up in this boys search for his identity and answers to his situation.


A story whose path slips and slides like an excited snake. An exhilarating mystery that reveals a game involving 12 players, a phone that can do anything, a pot of money worth 8 billion yen and questions behind a missile attack on Japan itself. Ten missiles apparently not killing anyone.    Oh and an army of nude men.

This is the spiritual successor to Satoshi Kon’s work, without a doubt.


The shows visual quality is without compare this year. The characters believable but cool the environment striking and down to earth at the same time. The world feels little more then somewhere you could step out onto as you leave your door now.

Animation too is very natural, all the people on screen appearing venerable and human. Tumbling and scrambling with total believability.


The show itself is still dripping with style though, from the smooth whizzing opening credits to the paper cut out animations of its ending ones, every part of the show is something you feel pleasure in watching.

It feels also that it’s taken a lot of the best elements of ghost in the shells style and embedded them on the world today.


The show on the whole ends with questions un answered and you asking for more.

It’s a relief that with the turbulent times that the anime industry has come up against that shows of this quality are still being made.


I'm very much hoping for more soon.


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