Eden of the East: Paradise Lost

Eden of the East: Paradise Lost is an anime movie in the Higashi no Eden Franchise
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As Akira Takizawa heads back to Japan, the remaining players of the Selecao are putting everything on the line to win the game as the conspiracy finally comes to light while new revelations come to light.

Plot Summary

Akira forms a plan to escape
Akira forms a plan to escape

Akira Takizawa and Saki Morimi head back to Japan as he has another nightmare episode, scaring Saki as he tries to reassure her everything will be okay. Before landing, the flight attendant gives him an Air King shirt to wear due to Jintaro Tsuji's request. As they get off the plane, a group of Diet members confront them and brings Akira to talk to Chigusa Iinuma, the wife of the late Prime Minister Seiji Iinuma. She chastises him before plucking out some hair to be tested to see if he is Seiji's son. Before going, Akira asks Saki to find his mother as she may have clues about his past. Saki meets with Satoshi Osugi who gives her an application for her phone that lets them talk freely since the government has hacked their communication due to the implications that the Eden group are terrorists. Kazuomi Hirasawa informs Saki of what has happened and how Daiju Mononobe is planning something big. She agrees as she plans on tracking down Akira's mother by using the Shiba dog, calling her sister to give them the dog.

Akira tries to talk to Juiz to figure out how to get out of this mess while he is thankful to Kuroha Shiratori for sacrificing her Juiz server for his. Just then, one of the 20,000 NEETs confronts him as someone tipped them off that he'd be there. He makes a deal to trade places with the NEET as he slips security. He calls Hirasawa as he needs to figure out what his next move is. Yutaka Itazu tells him that Selecao Number XII ordered the Juiz servers to be driven on a continuous loop through Japan and paid for drivers, trucks, and gas. Akira comes up with the plan to take back his server for protection in case Mononobe tries to do the same thing again. Meanwhile, Tsuji reads how his plan to make Akira wear the Air King t-shirt is going according to his plans to get Akira killed. However, he is still harboring Ryo Yuki after he revealed his intentions to get revenge. Tsuji is willing to help him if it means getting Akira out of the game as he gives Yuki some money to take care of business

The quadruplets of Juiz
The quadruplets of Juiz

Saki and Osugi use the Shiba dog to track down its owner, who Akira believes is his mother. They follow the dog to a bar where they meet Aya Iwashita, the owner of the bar and dog. They ask her about Akira and how his mother abandoned him. Aya avoids the subject as she says nothing about it, denying it even though she admits to having a child at one point. Osugi leaves the two as he notices a photo in the bathroom of a younger, pregnant Aya and the then Diet member Seiji Iinuma. Osugi shows Saki as Daiju meets with ex-Prime Minister Eda who he states that he assumed Daiju was going to handle the situation about the Selecao. Daiju leaves, observing Akira paid a toll near a pit stop where four quadruplets talk about Saizo Ato, revealing that they are the sisters behind Juiz. They are worried about Daiju blowing up the servers again, wondering who he will strike once more as one of them sees Akira out the window. They observe him talking his Juiz server as Daiju's leaves, theorizing that if Daiju wants to destroy more servers that he can't destroy Akira's when its so close to his.

Daiju pays no mind to it as Akira recruits Onee to steal Daiju's server as he sees Selecao Number III, Toshiko Kitabayashi, ordering candy for Saizo Ato. The Eden team tries to figure out what Toshiko's habits are as she inadvertantly reveals the location of Saizo as Daiju sets up a message for Saizo with Hirasawa closing in. In the mean time, Itazu and Kasuga flee from their office as they are still wanted for being terrorists, not to mention the room they use was once the home to an extremist group on the college campus as they find a secret tunnel to escape. Daiju also sends out tax collectors to keep Tsuji busy and agents to track down where Akira's mother is. Aya notices the agents outside her bar as she advises the two to flee once they get the chance. Osugi urges Saki to track Aya down to get the truth. She does this as Saki lays down the evidence as Aya still denies it, hearing about how noble Akira is and how that couldn't be her son. Aya tells Saki that Akira is just another poor soul that was left with 500 yen, something that Saki never mentioned as Aya leaves while Osugi catches up. As they wrap it up, Saki wonders if she should tell Akira as Osugi encourages her to do so.

Saizo and Akira meet
Saizo and Akira meet

Akira, Onee, and Mikuru make their way Iinuma's mansion as they see Chigusa waiting for them outside. Akira tries to explain the situation as best he can without giving away too much about the Selecao. He tries to convince her that all of this wasn't his doing and all he wanted was to make Japan better by becoming its leader. Chigusa seems to come around but points out that at a hearing tomorrow, she will have to label him as a terrorist. As the results of a DNA test come in, Daiju arrives as well as Akira predicts this, going to meet him. Hirasawa communicates with Itazu and Kasuga who are held up in an internet cafe as they advise him not to engage Saizo. He does it anyway as he tells Saizo that he is a friend of Akira's and wants to talk. Saizo lets him into his cab as he poses a hypothetical about getting money and improving the country. Hirasawa realizes that this is how Saizo selected the Selecao as he admits he didn't do that with Akira since Akira was a paper boy and his theories on economics surprised him.

Daiju confronts Akira and tells him that when Saizo asked the question, he claimed that the country needed a strong leader and the public needed a wake up call. This is why he used Yuki to cause a panic and Akira further helped with his goals. Akira states that he would have helped from the start, claiming they should have worked together, but Daiju states he was in it for himself. Saki calls Akira, standing outside the mansion as she tells him over the phone that Aya was his mother as he flashes back to the incident where she abandoned him and how Seiji was there to take him under his wing. Everyone points out that the clues are hard to miss as Akira thanks her and the Eden group for what they did. He continues his conversation with Daiju as he gives him an offer: he'll match the money he has as a Selecao in cash and allow Akira to leave peacefully and the Eden group will be proven innocent if he walks away. Akira agrees on one condition: to know the true motives of Daiju.

Saizo makes a decision
Saizo makes a decision

Daiju claims that the way to control the people is to subtly take away their freedoms bit by bit so they stop complaining like children when things go awry. Akira scoffs this, stating Daiju lacks compassion as he is struck with an idea as Daiju leaves. He requests that Juiz connect his phone with the people of Japan but there is only enough to do it for 100,000,000 people. Juiz calls Itazu as she needs access to his secure application to access the phones. Akira sends a broadcast to the people, claiming the responsibility for Careless Monday and states that he will take the NEETs to paradise as the country will fall on its knees without them. He makes his demands that the older generation needs to give up some power that its held on to for so long, not allowing the youth to build a future. If they don't, he will do something worse than Careless Monday. As a way of pushing everyone forward, he gives every person he's connected to one yen to help build their future as he disconnects. Saizo, who was watching the affair, wonders if the generation that helped rebuild Japan after World War II really is to blame for the conditions of Japan. He decides its time to call a winner.

He meets Chigusa on his way out as she sees he is an earnest man, giving him the DNA results as they all know what they probably say; stating after he is gone that she sees a bit of her husband in him. As he meets Daiju on the way out, their Noblesse phones ring as Saizo announces that the game is over and that everyone is a winner. The Selecao listen in as Saizo gives them a little present as a signal is emitted from the phones as Taishi Naomoto freaks out in police custody in New York, yelling that he doesn't know who he is. Toshiko thanks Saizo for the fun as Selecao Number VIII is seen starring up at an overpass. Akira and Daiju stare listlessly at one another as Daiju leaves. The Eden group wonders what happened as Akira knows the signal was supposed to erase his memories as he must have built up an immunity to it, remembering everything. Saki notices the paper in his hand as they discover that Seiji Iinuma wasn't his father, something he was hoping to fall back on. Hirasawa scolds Saizo for playing with people's lives so carelessly as Saizo kicks him out of his cab before driving off.

Saki forces Akira to come back
Saki forces Akira to come back

As Daiju exits the premise, he meets Yuki on his way out. Yuki asks for Akira but is shocked to see Daiju as the latter doesn't recognize Yuki due to the memory wipe. Since Yuki destroyed his phone, he didn't experience the wipe as he become enraged Daiju forgot him, pulling out a gun. Daiju tries to run him over as Yuki fires his gun, both men killing one another in the process. Akira knows trouble will come as he leaves, promising Saki that he'll be back soon. He tries to run off but Saki catches up with him. She kisses him as she demands that he come back soon, something he acknowledges.

However, six months pass again as Saki explains that the NEETs have built a self-sustaining paradise in the mall Akira lived in, all waiting for his return. After Akira's broadcast, some companies took to light what he said but not everyone agreed and things returned to the status quot. Eden of the East has to shut down due to its labels as a terrorist, but it is only temporary as Saki wonders why Aya didn't admit to being Akira's mother while the Juiz servers are moved once more. Saki knows Akira will be back for her soon as somewhere else in Japan, he hails a cab. As he drives off, Saizo asks the same question as before as Akira laughs that he's still up to his tricks, Sazio at first admitting not knowing Akira. Getting in the front seat, he finally gets his wish to punch Outside, which is more so a slap on the wrist as the two laugh it off, Akira stating that they have a lot of work to do to turn Japan around.

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Kenji Kamiyama Director Screenplay
Chica Umino Character Artist/Designer The pen name of an anonymous Japanese Mangaka. She is most known for being the creator of the Honey and Clover series.
Kazuchika Kise Animation Director

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General Information Edit
Name: Eden of the East: Paradise Lost
Release Date:
Name: 東のエデン 劇場版Ⅱ Paradise Lost
Romaji: Higashi no Eden Gekijōban II: Paradise Lost
Release Date: March 3, 2010
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 90 (mins)
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