Eden of the East: King of Eden

Eden of the East: King of Eden is an anime movie in the Higashi no Eden Franchise
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Six months after the second missile crisis, the illusive Akira Takizawa has gone missing once more. Armed with his Noblesse phone, Saki Morimi vows to follow the clues he left for her as the game runs rapidly to a close.

Plot Summary

Saki finds more than stolen towels in her bag
Saki finds more than stolen towels in her bag

Six months have passed since the incident where Ryo Yuki launched sixty missiles at Japan as Akira Takizawa saved the country. Saki Morimi finds herself back in New York City as she rides a taxi around Manhattan once more. She is shown to have Akira's old Noblesse phone that had a message saying that he would be at their special place. While riding around, she noticed Grand Central Station and asks for the cab driver to stop. As he helps her with her bags, the cab driver discovers that her suitcase is full of weapons as he drives off with her purse. Saki is immediately sent into a panic as she runs off, almost getting caught by the police. Fortunately, a car runs into a fire hydrant which distracts them.

Saki reveals in a flashback that a lot had changed after the missile attacks. Akira adopted the nickname the Air King due to a pose of him shooting down missiles while people figure out who to blame for the attacks but went missing soon after. The police questioned her for three days but was soon released back to her sister and brother-in-law where she decided to lay low until things died down. The then-current Japanese cabinet stepped down due to their inability to stop these attacks leaving Japan in a dire state. Other countries mock Japan as Saki laments how things may have been better if the missiles actually hit the country. However, there was some good in it as the NEETs and youth of Japan began to rise up and help out more. As well as Eden of the East took off into an integral computer program as the group starts their own company. Saki made attempts to look around Washington D.C. for Akira but he was no where to be found.

A few days before going to New York, Hirasawa is goaded by Onee and Haruo to tell Saki that the whole reason Eden of the East took off so well was to find Akira. She is thankful for this as Mikuru bursts into the room, showing the group that the new Prime Minister has collapsed and that there is an illegitimate child named Akire Iiname. The group realizes that with the trackers they got from Itazu, they saw that Akira planned to pose as the illegitimate son months ahead and would lead to be the successor to the Prime Minister; thus having his request fulfilled to become king. Saki knows now where she must go as she phones back to Japan. They inform her that Selecao Number VI and Kuroha are also in New York and that it was Number VI who planted the weapons on her. Saki tells them what happened to her as they urge her to go to the foreign embassy. She refuses, saying she needs to find Akira before any one else does. The group give her until 4 p.m. to find him. Osugi bursts into the room afterwards in his usual panic as the group tries to calm him down. Saki doesn't notice someone filming her from afar. Itazu comes by to help expand Eden of the East as well as track the Selecao to see what they are up to.

Also in Japan, Mononobe is meeting with Tsuji as it is shown that he was the one who created the Air King campaign and has suddenly taken interest in the game. Mononobe states that Number VI is working with him to handle Akira and Saki. Tsuji states that he has his own plan to win as he distrusts Mononobe still. Saki eventually gets to where she believes Akira is waiting for her at Ground Zero. As she tries to dispose of a hand gun she picked up earlier, she hears Akira as he disposes of the gun for her and runs off with her. However, Akira doesn't remember anything as he had wiped his memory after fending off the attacks. Saki says she lost her purse and a friend as Akira agrees to help her find both. She reveals to him that he was who he was looking for as she shows him a photo they took together. Saki lets the group know that she found him as they are elated.

Kuroha calls Juiz to ask about Saki. Juiz responds that she was the one who caused the traffic accident earlier as she is worried about Kuroha, not having killed anyone in a while. Kuroha tells her she's waiting for something else. Akira takes Saki back to his apartment as Seleaco Number VI reveals himself as film director Taishi Naomoto, something the other Selecao and Eden group picked up on based on his purchases. He demands that Juiz make Saki and Akira take a shower as Juiz tells him off, become angry with him. Taishi makes other demands as Juiz says that she'll have to think about them. The Eden group meanwhile goes over the information on the other Selecao as Itazu reports that Yuki has gone silent after numerous attempts to kill Akira. They also thought Number V, Hiura, was dead but it turns out being eliminated from the game means your memories are erased.

Taishi tries to kill the lovers
Taishi tries to kill the lovers

Akira and Saki catch up in his apartment as he is willing to listen to her and does believe her some. When he was released from police custody, a woman told him to go to the movie theater in New York where he went as a kid, assuming it was his mother. Saki mentions how Akira wanted to become king of Japan and how Juiz is making it possible. Akira calls Juiz to see if the request can be canceled but he is hesitant to do so despite Saki's insistence. At the same time, the boiler in the room turns on and begins to malfunction. Before Akira can fix it, he gets a call from Kuroha to get out of the apartment as the radiator explodes. Taishi films the aftermath but curses Juiz that the two didn't die, stating that his new line of movies have the protagonists die. As they escape, the Eden group tries to find evidence of Akira before he became a Selecao and discover he worked for a newspaper delivery service but his name is suddenly changed to match his new alias. Itazu theorizes that Juiz is erasing the evidence of "Takizawa" and replacing it with "Iiname" to make the stories match up. Data begins disappearing and being changed as Itazu realizes that Juiz has tapped their phones as bugs. Mikuru finds that Mononobe made a request for the Eden servers to be hacked as they begin to back up their data.

Akira and Saki go to the theater he works at as they decide to stay there for the night. Saki is worried that Akira will leave her again as he stays by her side through the night. The Eden group prepares to shut down the servers and move back to their old club room at the university as they have only two days before "Takizawa" is erased for good. Tsuji calls up Juiz during a party on his yacht, saying that he has an idea to rally the people to hate their government and rebel against it, thus going through a power shift to help stabilize and rebuild the country. Juiz goes through with his plan as dawn approaches in America. Saki and Akira try to piece together the clues he left behind as Saki mentions a gold ring. Akira takes her to a small amusement park where there is a gold ring attraction on the merry go round. The ride it as Akira watches Saki, remembering how his mother sent him to movies all the time and took him here where he loved the gold ring. Little do they know, Taishi is watching from the bushes as he approaches the two.

As they prepare to leave, a group of men in suits approach them. Before they can advance, Taishi comes out with an improvised flamethrower intending to kill the two. Kuroha speeds up in a car, grabbing Akira and Saki, as the police arrest Taishi. Akira recognizes Kuroha's voice from the phone as she is sad he doesn't remember her. Her orders were to pick up Akira and take him to see the wife of the Prime Minister, who had died due to his heart collapse earlier in the week. Akira is ready to go back as Kuroha states that Saki can not come. However, she hears her phone beep as she sees that Mononobe has launched a missile for somewhere in America. Kuroha tries to figure out what he's up to as the missile takes out a cargo truck. As soon as it happens, Selecao Number XII is shown to be out of the game. They realize that when Number XII ordered Juiz to be moved, she was put on cargo trucks that were to be driven around constantly so no one could use them. Furthermore, Juiz is not one computer: she is twelve similar AI programs catered to the different Selecao.

Akira goes back to Japan to try and fix the country
Akira goes back to Japan to try and fix the country

Tsuji's server is the next to go as he wonders why he was taken out of the game, unable to call Juiz. He sees Yuki enter the room, looking disheveled after being gone for six months. Tsuji assumed him to be dead and that he is the Supporter. Yuki denies this, showing that he destroyed his phone and ejected himself from the game to avoid detection to get revenge. As another missile is about to take out the last truck, Kuroha requests that her server be put in front of Akira's to protect it, thus eliminating herself from the game. She bids the two farewell as she orders Saki to go with Akira, since he will need someone to watch over him. The two head back to Japan to try and stop Mononobe, who has taken credit for stopping the missile attack and gaining influence in the country.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kenji Kamiyama Director Director, screenplay and original creator.
Satoko Morikawa Character Artist/Designer
Chica Umino Character Artist/Designer The pen name of an anonymous Japanese Mangaka. She is most known for being the creator of the Honey and Clover series.
Kenji Kawai Music A Japanese composer known for his work in Mamoru Oshii's movies.
Satoru Nakamura Animation Director

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General Information Edit
Name: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Release Date: April 26, 2011
Name: 東のエデン 劇場版Ⅰ The King of Eden
Romaji: Higashi no Eden Gekijōban I: The King of Eden
Release Date: Nov. 28, 2009
Rating: unrated
Runtime: 82 (mins)
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