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I will not lie that i have been dying to watch this movie. In all honesty i haven’t thought about it ever since i saw the trailer last year and decided it would interesting to watch. But when it was finally within my line of sight, it immediately jumped to the top of my watch list.


A girl, Eclair, a priestess, is partaking in some ritual when their village is attacked and destroyed by soldiers and mages. One old man is barely able to acquire one half of a tiny stone before forcing her to escape beyond the edges of the destruction. Having taken several arrows to the back for her, he hands her the stone, instructs her to take it to someone called kalard and then dies.

Elsewhere, Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Carla, Happy, Gray and Juvia have been tasked to destroy a gang of thieves and capture their gang leader. While they scatter the members and reek untold havoc on the town, they fail to capture the leader, thus failing the mission and forfeiting the prize money. They head back home dejected. There Lucy runs into a fatigued and starved Éclair on the streets, barely alive. She nurses the stranger back to health and she in turn reluctantly accepts their help in escorting her to her destination.

It isn’t long before they ran into the dark guild Carbuncle, hired by Veronica Principality’s ruler Kriem to acquire both Éclair and her piece. It turns out that Kriem is in possession of the second piece and wishes reunite it with the first to summon the phoenix, a mighty immortal beast that will grant him immortality on his birthday. There is clearly a link between Éclair, the phoenix priestess, the pendant and the ritual that has to be performed by Kalard to contain the power of the phoenix within the pendant.

Natsu and team are immediately drawn into the politics and games of the greedy Kriem as he quickly proves that he will stop at nothing to obtain his prize, not even if it means going up against the infamous fairy tail. And with Carbuncle in his pocket he feels more than capable of matching strengths against the wild guild. Lucy, feeling a strong empathetic bond to the priestess will use every ounce of her magic to see her wish granted and her burden lifted, all the while hoping to get ahead of Kriem and prevent the phoenix from rising again.


I will not lie, i enjoyed this movie, but not for any of the reasons that would normally matter. This was the chance i had been waiting for ever since i picked up the manga, to see fairy tail animated and on screen. I have always wondered how the magic would look like, the fire attacks, the ice make, Erza’s awesome Knight abilities. And it all looked really awesome. Like i have said before, the fairy tail anime series is a disappointment, as in it is simply badly and lazily done. Most of the time there is no animation whatsoever and you might as well be watching a comic with voices and sound. Either they simply do not try or they don’t have the money.

This movie was what fairy tail should be on a normal day. When most anime release movies, they will take what they would normally do in the anime and multiply it several times over. With fairy tail they literally had no base to begin with, no anime style to improve or build upon, they might have as well been starting from scratch. Which is probably why i thought that it really looked good. The animation itself was far from the best, at least as far as anime movies go; but this was the fairy tail anime that i have never had the opportunity to see.

If it seems like i am ranting on extensively about how this movie looked, it is because that was all there was to see. The story was at best mediocre, not boring

but not overly unique an d exciting. Sure it made for a pretty cool final battle with a pretty mean looking monster, but none the less, i wouldn’t rate it higher than a 2/5

The characters though non canon where as fairy tail like as you could get. The entire set up looked and sounded like something that Hiro would have created. It basically felt right at home in the fairy tail world.

The actions scenes carried the movie because they weren’t merely well animated, this was my first time at seeing fairy tail battles and fairy tail magic animated, so of course i enjoyed every single one of them. The story was designed like it would be in any other movie, to have a beginning and a definitive end that doesn’t infringe upon canon fairy tail. None the less i was surprised by how it ended; so un fairy tail like, which is probably the only saving point of the story.

MY RATING:> If you are a fairy tail fan then 4/5; you will enjoy this movie from beginning to end. I know i did and if you haven’t watched it yet, i recommend that you do. If you are not a fairy tail fan, or maybe you are more of a casual reader/viewer, then this movie is a 1/5. you might as well not bother because there isn’t much for you to see.

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