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East Blue is a anime/manga location
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The East Blue is a segment of ocean in One Piece. The birth place of Gold Roger, the Pirate King; and Luffy, the man who will be the next Pirate King.

The East Blue was the primary location of the events at the start of the One Piece series by Eiichiro Oda. It's from his home village of Fuschia that he set sail on his journey to find a crew and travel to the Grand Line.
The East Blue is filled with a variety of islands. It's bored Red Line and the Calm Belt.

Locations of the East Blue


Dawn Island

Dawn Island is an island in the East Blue that Monkey D. Luffy grew up on in Windmill Village. It was here that he met Red-Hair Shanks.

Shell Town

Shell Town is home to the Marine base where Luffy traveled with Coby so he could meet Zoro the Pirate Hunter. It was there that Zoro and Luffy liberated the small village from the tyrannical Marine commander Axe-Hand Morgan. Coby Stayed behind so he could follow his dream to be a Marine.

Frost Moon Village

Frost Moon Village is the home of the dojo where Zoro would meet Kuina and train for the path that would lead him to keep his childhood promise to be the greatest swordsman in the world.

Orange Town

Orange Town was the village where Luffy first met both his navigator Nami and the pirate Buggy the Clown. Buggy was tormenting the town's inhabitants and blowing up their town. Like with other towns before it. Luffy rescued the town.

Island of Rare Animals

The Island of Rare Animals is a relatively isolated island that few ever explore. It is filled with a menagerie of wild mixture of animals. Gaimon lives on the island after he was left by his crew. He fell into an empty treasure chest and became stuck, and completely unable to remove himself. He lives now on this island protecting the animals from poachers.
Buggy found himself on this island for formed a friendship with Gaimon until he left.

Syrup Village

The Syrup Village is the home of Usopp and his father Yasopp. It was there that Luffy saved the local girl Kaya from an insidious plot to murder her for her money and status in town. As a thank you. Kaya gave the crew a ship, the Going Merry; and Usopp joined the crew,


Baratie is not an island, but is based in the East Blue. It is a large ship that serves as a floating restaurant. The head chef is the former pirate Red-Leg Zeff. He started this restaurant after he was rescued with Sanji on an isolated rock.  After Luffy defeated Don Krieg, who was attacking Baratie for the food and the ship, Sanji joined Luffy's crew so he could find the All Blue.

Cocoyashi Village

Cocoyashi Village is the home village of Nami. When she was eight years old the Pirate Arlong invaded and held the town's people ransom. In the initial invasion he murdered Nami's adoptive mother Bellemere. He also set up a base on the island called Arlong Park. As a child Nami made a deal with Arlong. If she could steal 100,000,000 Berries. He would free her village. When Alrong backed out of his deal with Nami when she was so close. Luffy attacked and completely defeated Arlong. This was when Nami truly joined Luffy's crew.


Loguetown is the home village of the man who would become the Pirate King, Gold Roger. He was brought back for his execution, but in his last words were what ignited the Great Pirate Era.

Warship Island (filler)

The Warship Island is named for how it's silhouette looked looks. It only appeared in the anime.
General Information Edit
Location Name East Blue
Japanese Name: 東の海 (イーストブルー)
Romaji Name: Īsuto Burū
1st manga book: One Piece #1
1st anime episode: One Piece #1
1st anime movie:
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