Ease is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 10/28/2010
The episode opens with Rin running away from Gunji and Kiriwar, who are searching for him. Rin manages to evade them, and run away safely. It is later revealed that both Rin and Keisuke were searching for Akira after his encounter with Takeru. Apparently, Rin explains to Akira, Akira has done something to upset the Executioners.  
 Tomoyuki and the gang
 Tomoyuki and the gang
Rin then takes Akira to a hotel, claiming that, there, they will meet up with Keisuke, who is still searching for Akira. On their way, they come a cross a gang of men, who instantly recognize Rin. One man named Tomoyuki approaches Rin, and refers to Akira as Rin’s ‘partner’, commenting on Akira’s ‘cute’ appearance, claiming they can be friends because of how beautiful he is. With out a word, Akira and Rin push through the group and continue on their way. 
After their meeting with Tomoyuki, Rin appears to be upset, he apologies to Akira about Tomoyuki, but Akira
 The 'Solids' that Rin traded for.
 The 'Solids' that Rin traded for.
claims he doesn’t care. Akira believes if Rin wanted to tell him, he would have. Rin and Akira then find the hotel, where they run across Motomi. Motomi explains that Keisuke went back out to look for Akira, and explained that Keisuke was extremely worried about Akira. Keisuke returns, and greets Akira. Akira is still cold to Keisuke, and Keisuke explains that he’s worried. Keisuke tells Akira how worried he was, and blames himself. Akira claims it wasn’t a problem, and all falls awkwardly silent. Rin suddenly interrupts the two of them, presenting food aka 'Solids' that he was able to trade for at the hotel clerk desk. Rin then suggest that the group ‘do something fun together’. 
The four of them climb up the fire escape to the top of the hotel, and watch the sun set over Toshima. They eat the food that Rin was able to trade for and watch the sunset. When night falls, Motomi claims he has business to attend to, and leaves the group.
 Shiki's killing spree
 Shiki's killing spree
 Meanwhile, a train of dead bodies are strewn across the streets of Toshima. The killer of these men is revealed to be Shiki. Shiki corners an Igura participant, who take Line in order to fight Shiki. But he is not match, and Shiki kills him instantly. 
On the roof of the hotel, Keisuke falls asleep, and Rin and Akira are left to each other. Rin asks Akira if he ever
 Akira and Rin 'playing'
 Akira and Rin 'playing'
participated in ‘Bl@ster’. Akira confirms, and Rin admits he once played the street fighting game but ‘liked the old version better’, Akira agrees. The two proceed the reminisce about the past, but when things become serious, Rin begins to play with Akira. Rin jumps on top of Akira, and leans in to kiss him. Akira fights off Rin, and during their playful fight Keisuke begins wakes up. A man discovers the bodies that Shiki left behind, and follows the trail to Shiki. Instantly he runs away screaming ‘It’s Shiki!!’ Rin hears this, jumps off Akira, and runs back down the fire escape. Akira chases after him. The whole hotel is talking about Shiki once Akira reaches the street and people are panicking. 
Akira become curious as to who Shiki is, and soon figures out after a blood covered man falls dead at his feet. From the shadows of the alleyway, Shiki emerges and Akira challenges him. Akira is able to hold off Shiki, but
 Shiki and Akira fight
 Shiki and Akira fight
not for long. Eventually Akira is kicked through a window and Shiki pins him to a wall, questioning Akira’s choice to fight even though he knew he was going to win. Shiki claims that Akira must really want to die, and beings to strangle Akira. Akira begs Shiki to just get it over with an kill him, but Shiki comments that Akira shouldn’t be picky given the situation; and that ‘You should just be like a dog, and bark.’ Shiki asks Akira to cry and scream for forgiveness, but Akira refuses and fights back. Shiki refuses to fight Akira until Akira is ready and it is fair. Shiki then leaves, and Akira is left injured in the abandoned bar.

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