Earthland Things

Earthland is a anime/manga location
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Habaraki is a magical spear used by Dan Straight. It can change the size of objects and living things.

Heart Kreuz Armor

Erza Scarlet's basic armor, custom made for her by the Heart Kreuz clothing brand.

Musica Sword

A sword Pantherlily uses after coming to Earth Land, it can magically change size.

Natsu's Scarf

Natsu's most prized possession, a scale-pattered white scarf given to him by his adoptive father, Igneel.


Ricochet is a magical shield used by Dan Straight. As the name implies, it reflects attack back at enemies.

Sea Empress Armor

Sea Empress Armor is Erza's armor that nullifies water attacks.

Seduction Armor

A revealing "armor" owned by Erza Scarlet, referenced to by Erza herself, but never actually used.

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