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Earthland is a anime/manga location
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Archbishop of Zentopia

He is like the Pope of Zentopia, a land in Fairy Tail.


Bacchus is the S mage of the Quatros Cerberus guild in the Fairy Tail franchise.

Beth Vanderwood

Beth Vanderwood is a mage of the Mermaid Heel guild.

Byro Cracy

Byro Cracy is the Earth Land counterpart of the Byro of Edolas. He is much taller and muscular than his counterpart.


A friend of Wendy Marvell and one of the Exceed from Edolas. She is also hinted at being the daughter of the queen of the Exceed.

Coco (Earthland)

Coco has no name given yet, and this Earthland version of Coco is more cruel.


Coordinator is a member of the Carbuncle guild in the Fairy Tail film.

Dan Straight

Dan Straight is the spearhead of Legion in the Fairy Tail franchise.

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage and one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. She's part of Team Natsu and uses Requip magic to change into different suits of armor, each with it's own unique properties.

Future Lucy Heartfilia

A version of Lucy who travels back in time to the Grand Magic Games.

Future Rogue Cheney

A version of Rogue from the future who travels back in time to the Grand Magic Games.

Gajeel Redfox

The Iron Dragon Slayer of the Phantom Lord Guild, he eventually joined Fairy Tail and has proven himself as a loyal member.


The Guild Master of Sabertooth.

Gray Fullbuster

Gray is an ice mage in the Fairy Tail guild. He stays calm and collected most of the time and has a bad habit of unwittingly stripping in public.


Happy is an Exceed with the ability to fly. He is also the best friend/companion of Natsu.


She is Lucy Heartphilia's distant relative in the Fairy Tail franchise until she is revealed to Imitatia.


Jackpot is a filler villain who has a giant slot machine as his belly and weapon.


He is an eccentric photographer and reporter of the Sorcerer Magazine in the Fairy Tail franchise.

Jude Heartfilia

Jude Heartfilia is Lucy's father in the Fairy Tail franchise.

Juvia Lockser

Original a member of the Phantom Lord Guild group Element 4. She later joined the Fairy Tail guild due to developing a crush on Gray Fullbuster.


Katja is one of Will Neville's disciples in the Fairy Tail franchise.

Laxus Dreyar

A very powerful S-Class mage of the Fairy Tail guild, and the grandson of Fairy Tail master Makarov and son of Raven Tail master Ivan.He is the heir of the guild and is well known for his immense power and arrogant/confident attitude.

Layla Heartfilia

Lucy's mother. She was also a Celestial Spirit Mage.

Levy McGarden

A member of the Fairy Tail Guild who is part of the team Shadow Gear. She specializes in text based magic and is a complete bookworm.

Lisanna Strauss

Elfman and Mirajane's younger sister who is also a member of Fairy Tail. She was believed to be dead but was somehow transported to Edolas for the last two years. Because of her supposed death Elfman and Mirajane suffered mental and emotional trauma which crippled their powers considerably.


The resident playboy of Fairy Tail who is revealed to be Leo, one of the Celestial Spirits banned from the Spirit World.

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is a Celestial Spirit Mage and member of Team Natsu in the Fairy Tail Guild. As well as being able to summon Celestial Spirits, she is also quite skilled in combat with a whip.

Makarov Dreyar

The leader of the Fairy Tail Guild. Makarov is one of the Ten Wizard Saints and is very powerful despite his small size.

Mavis Vermilion

The first master and founder of the Fairy Tail Guild.

Mirajane Strauss

A long time member of the Fairy Tail guild who is a S-Class mage. She also bartends for the guild and is their cover girl in the weekly sorcerer.


Nalpuding is the sly, stocky mage of Raven Tail.

Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail's main protagonist brandishing Fire Dragon Slayer magic, Natsu was raised by the ancient dragon Igneel. He's resilient to damage, breathes/eats fire, and has a serious temper problem.


One of the members of the Royal Army in Edoras in the series Fairy Tail. He is a large cat-person capable of flight and great strength.

Reedus Jonah

A member of the Fairy Tail guild who loves to draw.

Rogue Cheney

A member of the Sabertooth Guild and a Dragon Slayer. He's also revealed to be Gajeel's apprentice.

Romeo Conbolt

Macao Conbolt's son.

Rufus Lore

Rufus Lore is a memory mage of the Sabertooth guild.


Samuel is an Exceed and the head of Legion in the Fairy Tail franchise.


A Celestial Spirit in Fairy Tail. He uses sand based attacks and he is Aquarius's boyfriend.

Shop Owner (Earth Land)

An unnamed shop owner who owns a Magic Shop for travelling wizards in Hargeon Town.

Sting Eucliffe

A member of the Sabertooth Guild and a Dragon Slayer.

Sugarboy (Earthland)

Sugarboy has the same name as his Edolas counterpart.

Ultear Milkovich

The daughter of Ul who was believed to be dead. She became a member of the Magic Council and used this a means to gather information on where the keys of Zeref where, so she could use the keys to free him.


Gray's master from Fairy Tail, she taught him how to use ice magic. She sacrificed herself to stop Deliore.

Vanish Brothers

The Vanish Brothers are mercenaries hired by Duke Everlue and 7 years later, bandits, as bodyguards.

Wendy Marvell

A Sky Dragon Slayer. Wendy was a member of the guild Cait Shelter but after the events of Nirvana she became a member of the Fairy Tail guild.


Yeager is a mage of the Quatro Cerberus Guild.

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