Earthland is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 04/30/3011
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The episode revolves around two pairs of people. The first is Charle and Happy where Charle upsets Happy by rejecting his offer (a fish), and tells him that he doesn't know what he "is" and that he can't protect Natsu like she can protect Wendy. The second is Mystogan and Wendy. After he finds the young dragon slayer with Charle, he reveals his true identity and tells Wendy to leave the city due to an Anima that is bound to destroy the city at any moment. Concerned, Wendy rushes to warn her guild members instead of worrying about her own safety. In the end, Magnolia is swallowed up by the Anima into Edolas, leaving her, Natsu, Happy and Charle behind.

Plot Summary

Gajeel on a mission to find his own cat
Gajeel on a mission to find his own cat

This episode starts with Gajeel looking for a cat after noticing that Wendy and Natsu had their own, Charle and Happy, respectively. As soon as Gajeel sees a cat in one of the alleys, the scene cuts to a couple looking to buy a Gajeel figurine at Fairy Tail's souvenir shop. Max, the sales rep, tells them that they still have some in stock and explains that the empty stand near the figurine is for a cat miniature just in case Gajeel gets a cat in the future.

Happy's heartbroken
Happy's heartbroken

Inside the guild, Wendy talks with Lucy about how the dragons disappeared on July 7 of the year X777, and how she wonders why they disappeared and where they must have gone. As they discuss this mystery, Happy approaches Charle and offers her a fish he had caught as a gift. Charle, however, says that she doesn't like fish and rejects his offer. Happy then asks if she would like anything else but Charle yells at him to leave her alone and leaves. Happy follows her, and Wendy follows him to scold Charle for being so cold. As soon as Happy catches up to her, Charle says that he can't even protect Natsu and doesn't even know what he is. Confused, Happy watches as Charle walks away and then notices Gajeel with scratches all over his face. When Happy asks him what happened, he tells the cat to shut up.

Jellal tells Wendy to flee from Magnolia
Jellal tells Wendy to flee from Magnolia

Wendy is then seen running in the rain looking for Charle. She finally sees her and tells the cat about her impolite actions towards Happy. But their exchange is interrupted by Mystogan who takes off his mask and reveals to them that he is the Jellal that had rescued Wendy several years ago, not the Jellal that had been imprisoned. Wendy cries out of happiness and tells him that she had missed him greatly but he tells her that this is not the time for happy reunions and that she should leave Magnolia immediately. He informs her that the Anima had grown too large and strong for him to suppress any longer and that Magnolia, and everyone in it, will soon be destroyed. Upon hearing this, Wendy tries to run to the guild but Mystogan tries to stop her, telling her that he is willing to save her alone but she responds that as a member of Fairy Tail, she can't leave her friends behind.

"Take a good look"
"Take a good look"

At the guild, Lucy, Gray, Juvia and Cana watch the rain while Natsu is shown sleeping. Gray then decides to take this opportunity to scribble on the dragon slayer's face shocking Lucy over how childish the ice mage can be. Natsu then wakes up ready for battle but Lucy tells him to relax and shows him his face with a mirror. Enraged over who the prankster is, Lucy states its obvious who did it, causing the fire mage to confront and get in a fight with Gray.

Don't be shy you guys
Don't be shy you guys

Lucy then notices Mirajane and Elfman leaving, prompting her to ask where they're going with Cana explaining that the siblings are going to church in anniversary of Lisanna's death. Her and Levy then remark that Lucy is somewhat similar to the deceased girl in that they both have a similar relationship with Natsu. Meanwhile, Gray teaches Juvia how to eat Caramade Franks properly as Bisca and Alzack watch the two from afar, wondering how those two can be so cozy and open. Erza then appears behind them and comments that they get along well and should cherish this time they have together. A few tables away, Lucy is bored and wondered if anything interesting will happen.

Anima sucking up the city
Anima sucking up the city

Wendy runs towards the guild in order to warn everyone of the upcoming danger. Mystogan looks sickly, and he says to himself that he should at least save her, but he cannot stand. Charle follows Wendy who trips and sees a spiraling vortex in the reflection of the rain puddle. She looks up at it before running again to warn everyone. The vortex gets violent, and sucks up the guild right before Wendy's eyes along with the rest of the town. Mystogan says that it's the Anima. The town is reduced to large amounts of white dust and bubble-like things in the air and as Wendy looks around she screams out "where is everyone?!" and sees Natsu popping out of the dust.

Wendy thinks she's all alone
Wendy thinks she's all alone

She explains to him what happened to the guild, and he wonders if she hit her head or something. Charle appears and explains that the town was sucked up by an Anima and disappeared to another world called Edolas. Natsu can't believe what happened while Happy appears as well and wonders what happened to the town. Charle explains that she was from Edolas, and so was Happy and that its their fault that everyone had disappeared, leaving the two dragon slayers and Happy speechless.

Points of Interest

  • The Gajeel figurine with the empty stand for a cat miniature and Max' comment that its there in case Gajeel gets a cat in the future foreshadows a future event at the end of the Edolas Arc.
  • Dragon slayers are not affected by the Anima even though Gajeel hasn't appeared in this episode.
  • Happy tries to earn Charle's affection with some fish and like always, is rejected by the female cat.
  • Natsu falls asleep twice.
  • There is more evidence that Bisca and Alzack have feelings for each other. When both of them observe Gray and Juvia, Erza comes in and comments that they are getting "friendlier".
  • Elfman criticizes Droy and Jet for not being men because they did not protect Levy. Levy had to complete the mission by herself when Jet and Droy were knocked unconscious.
  • Gray is still oblivious to Juvia's feelings as he tells her eat caramelized franks by opening her mouth wide open.
  • Levy and Cana inform Lucy about the two year anniversary of Lisanna's death and comment how she's similar to the deceased Take Over sibling since both of them have a similar relationship with Natsu.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The scene where Gray scribbles on Natsu's face while he's asleep and their skirmish following Natsu's discovery as to who the culprit was, never occurred in the manga.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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