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Kanenone Academy

The Kanenone Academy is an isolated all-male boarding school located at the countryside of Japan, that merged with an all-girl boarding school for the summer semester.

Karakura Town

A fictional area of Western Tokyo where Ichigo Kurosaki lives.

Kouryou High School

It's the school where Kenichi, Miu and other characters from the HSDK series study.

Kusanagi Shrine

The shrine Yui was raised in, also known as the Sword Shrine.

Kyousuke Kousaka's Apartment

An apartment Kyousuke lives in on his own while he studies for a mock exam.

L's Hotel Room

The later base of operations of the Kira Task Force.

Light's Bedroom

Light Yagami/Kira's base of operations.


The capital city of England.

Los Angeles

A city located in California.

Maid Café

Popular in Japan, particularly in Akihabara. Cafés with waitresses dressed in french maid uniforms or other cosplay, the appear frequently in anime and manga.

Matabi Academy

A fictional academy that exists in the "Cat Paradise" franchise. It is known for allowing it's students to keep cats in their dormitories.


A fast food restaurant where Sadou Maou works to earn money to survive in modern-day Japan.

Mikado City

Mikado City is where World Trigger take place

Misato's Apartment

Misato's Apartment is where Misato Katsuragi lives with her two charges, Shinji Ikari and Askuka Langely Soryu, and her pet Pen-Pen.

Mochizuki General Hospital

Mochizuki General Hospital is the main base for the Black Label organization.

Mochizuki High School

Mochizuki High School is a school that is owned by Masamune Mochizuki.

Monte Carlo SS cafe

The Monte Carlo SS cafe is a maid style cafe that is owned by the father of Kominato Hinako's father.

Mount Fuji

One of the highest mountains located in Japan. It is featured in many pieces of Art ,and media.

Mt. Paozu

Home of Son Goku.

Muscle Tower

A tower belonging to the Red Ribbon Army, located in the North.

NERV Headquarters

NERV Headquarters is a geofront built under Tokyo-3 in Hakone on the shores of Lake Ashi. headquarters of NERV and the hiding place of the second Angel, Lilith.


The Nemesis is a legendary Decepticon warship, famous for ambushing the Autobots ship the Ark.


A state in the USA, Nevada is best known for being the home of one of the largest casino hubs in the world Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and the military base known as Area 51.

New Kaon

A Decepticon fortress created by Megatron using the Omega Lock located in Jasper Nevada.

New York City

The BIg Apple. One of the largest cities in the U.S., located on it's east coast.

Nudist Beach Secret Hidden Base

The Nudist Beach Secret Hidden Base is located deep underground in Osaka, Japan.


Oceans are vast bodies of salt water.

Orange Star High School

The school Gohan attends.

Orb Union

The Orb Union is a small island nation located on Earth. It's notable for its long-standing attempts to remain neutral in the midst of war.

Outpost Omega-1

The Autobot base from Transformers Prime. It is hidden inside a massive rock formation located just outside of the town of Jasper, Nevada

Paraiso Mart

Paraiso Mart was once a highly successful convenience store before various strange occurrences befell it.

Penguin Village

a strange town in the Dragon Ball Universe. It is the main setting to Dr. Slump


The Philippines are a nation made up of a chain of islands in the South-China Sea, East of Vietnam and South to Japan.


A facility used to incarcerate people convicted of a crime

REVOCS Co. LTD. Headquarters

REVOCS Co. LTD. Headquarters is a is the base of operations for the clothing company led by Ragyo Kiryuin.

Raccoon City

The place where the first outbreak of T-Virus took place

Rika Minami's House

Rika Minami's House is a palatial condo in Tokonosu City that's owned by Rika Minami.


Romagna is the alternate world version of Southern Italy in the Strike Witches series.


Rome is the capital city of Italy. Home of numerous historical landmarks, and at one time; the most powerful city in the world.


Roppongi is a district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is known for its rich "Roppongi Hills" area.


A country located next to Europe and Asia. It is currently the largest nation in the world.

Ryozanpaku Dojo

It's the home of master class fighters that have already reached the peak of their respective martial art. These masters are: Hayato Furinji, Akisame Koetsuji, Kensei Ma, Sakaki Shio, Apachai Hopachai and Shigure Kosaka. Ryozanpaku it's also the place where Miu Furinji and Kenichi Shirahama live and train.

Sakuragaoka High School

Sakuragaoka High School is an all-girls school set in Japan. It's the home of the Light Music Club.

Satan City

A city of the DragonBall world named after Mr. Satan. Videl and Gohan attend school there.


A fictional European Allied country located between France, Switzerland and Italy, and is the setting of the Anime Gosick.


Scotland is a nation of the United Kingdom that is landlocked North of England.

Seto Inland Sea

The Seto Inland Sea is a massive body of water that splits the major three islands of Japan, Honshuu, Shikoku, and Kyuushuu.

Shikine Island

Shikine Island is a volcanic island and is part of the Izu Islands chain, and part of the Tokyo administration.

Shintoko Third Elementary School

The Shintoko Third Elementary School is a school in Tokonosu City where Takashi Komuro's mother works as a teacher.

Site Omega

Originally used by the Tachyons as a base and as a safe place to keep the monsters they've been collecting. The military now uses it to study and place captured creatures giving it the nickname Monster Island..

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