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Earth Dragon Balls is a anime/manga thing
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Aru Village

A village in the Dragon Ball Earth that was once under the wrath of Oolong.

Dead Zone

Dead zone is a void of darkness created by Garlic Jr. to trap his opponents by sucking them onto there and leave them in the darkness forever. whoever goes there, can never come back unless he or she has the power to crack dimension and reality.

Dragon Ball Universe

The Dragon Ball Universe is where several manga series written by Akira Toriyama take place, including Dragon Ball, Neko Majin Z and Dr. Slump.

Earth (DBU)

Earth, or the "Dragon World" is a planet based on real-life Earth, but differs is many ways. This Earth is the main setting of manga written by Akira Toriyama, including Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump and Neko Majin.

Mt. Paozu

Home of Son Goku.

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