Earth (DBU) Locations

Earth (DBU) is a anime/manga location
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Aru Village

A village in the Dragon Ball Earth that was once under the wrath of Oolong.

Capsule Corporation

The most famous company of DragonBall and also home to a few major characters.

Coffee Pot

The local cafe in Penguin Village run by the Kimidori Family.

Dragon Ball Universe

The Dragon Ball Universe is where several manga series written by Akira Toriyama take place, including Dragon Ball, Neko Majin Z and Dr. Slump.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

A seemingly endless room behind a door at Kami's Lookout. Time passes faster inside, a year within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is only one day outside.

Kame House

The house on an island in the middle of the ocean where Master Roshi lives.

Kami's Lookout

The home of the Guardian of Earth in Dragon Ball. Notable inhabitants have included Kami, Mr. Popo, and Dende.

Korin Tower

An massive tower that was built to honour a unnamed hero and the home of Korin. Kami's lookout is located above the tower.

Mt. Paozu

Home of Son Goku.

Muscle Tower

A tower belonging to the Red Ribbon Army, located in the North.

Norimaki Household

The house of Senbei Norimaki, Arale, the Gatchans and later his wife Midori and kids.

Orange Star High School

The school Gohan attends.

Penguin Village

a strange town in the Dragon Ball Universe. It is the main setting to Dr. Slump

Penguin Village Middle School

The middle school of Penguin Village.

Satan City

A city of the DragonBall world named after Mr. Satan. Videl and Gohan attend school there.

Skull Valley

A location from Dragon Ball that Bulma and Goku camped at near the beginning of their journey. Pilaf also sent his minions here because he thought a Dragon Ball would be their but it turned out to be wolves.

West City

West City is the capital for the western portion of the nation of Amestris.

Wonder Island

An island home of many strange creatures. It is ruled by the ogre-king Gyaska.

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