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Earth (DBU) is a anime/manga location
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Earth, or the "Dragon World" is a planet based on real-life Earth, but differs is many ways. This Earth is the main setting of manga written by Akira Toriyama, including Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump and Neko Majin.

Earth (地球 Chikyuu), also called the Dragon World, is the main setting within the Dragon Ball Universe. It is inhabited by Humans, Demons, Vampires, Humanoid Animals, Dinosaurs, and aliens including Saiyans and Namekians. It's similar to the more accurate depictions of Planet Earth in anime and manga in several ways. This Earth has one moon, orbits one sun and seemingly has the same neighbouring planets (Jupiter appears in Dragon Ball Z). It also has a similar land mass-to-ocean ratio. However, technology on this planet is much more advanced than modern day Earth, and the continents are different. It also has a completely different history. This Earth is similar to the Pokémon World in that respect.

In Dragon Ball, Goku is sent to Earth in an Attack Ball as a baby to conquer it so it can be sold by the Planet Trade Organisation run by Frieza and his father. Goku was found and adopted by an old man named Gohan. However, some time later, baby Goku fell to a cliff and hits his head, causing his memory and viciousness as a Saiyan to disappear.

General Information Edit
Location Name Earth (DBU)
Japanese Name: 地球
Romaji Name: Chikyuu
Aliases Dragon World
Dragon Ball Earth
Akira Toriyama Earth
1st manga book: Wonder Island #1
1st anime episode: Dr. Slump & Arale-chan #1
1st anime movie: Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hello! Wonder Island
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