Earl and Fairy

Earl and Fairy is an anime series in the Hakushaku to Yosei franchise
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This is the fantastic story when the fairy doctor Lydia Carlton is forced to join the "Legendary Blue Knight Count" Edgar J.C Ashenbert on his journey through magic, action and romance not only to obtain a lost family treasure but to obtain Lydia's heart.

This story begins with 17 year old Lydia Carlton by most she is misunderstood. Mostly because of the fact that she talks to her cat and talk to thin air too. But actually her cat is a fairy and she can understand exactly what he is saying not to mention she has the ability to see fairies.

By most she is rather weird and avoided but Lydia has gotten use to her outcast life. So when she enters her private suite on a ship she is shocked by the surprise that awaits her.

A mysterious man with ash mauve eyes grabs her and takes her away. Even though she has heard rumors of this mysterious man and crimes he has commited she wants to hear his side of the story.

Finally the great man introduces himself as Edgar J. C. Ashenbert and Earl of the Blue Knights accompanied by his life servant Raven. Raven may seen like a normal butler but inside is a evil sprite that has incredible power. and holding it in is no easy thing. Even thoguh this pair seems strange enough they only get stranger.

In their first adventure Edgar proves himself not to be the thief and proves he is worthy of Lydia's work. He heirs Lydia as a fairy doctor and asks her to help him on his quest.

The mission he is chasing after is the great Sword of Merrow. It is a ancient object that belonged to his family and he is willing to search hard to find it. As him, Raven and Lydia embark on their journey they meet dangers on the way.

One of the first threats that come to view is Kelpie an agnorrant water horse after Lydia heart. he is particular a problem to Edgar since he has already decided he will be the one and only;y one for Lydia to love. The rivalry continues as they fright for her heart.

but the danger seems to only multiply.

The enemies get stronger by everyday and bring out all of the heroes tragic and fearful pasts. Together in this journey Lydia finds new feelings for Edgar she has never felt before.

In the end of their tale despite the obstacles they have faced the love and adventure come to a beautiful end. Lydia is united with Edgar even though she risked her life several times for Edgar and everybody has paid their dues.

But most importantly now the Sword of Merrow is in safe hands and hopefully will safety like that for happily ever after.

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General Information Edit
Name Earl and Fairy
Name: 伯爵と妖精
Romaji: Hakushaku to Yosei
Publisher Artland Animation Studio
Start Year 2008
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Aliases Hakushaku to Yosei
Count and Fairy
Earl and Fairy
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