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All-American private investigator Sam is transformed into an eagle one day as he prepares to open for business. With his shapely assistant, Miss Canary, and her little brother, Gooselan, he must fight the corrupt Chief of Police Albatross and somehow regain his true form. He travels all around the world and solves problems with his Eagle Hat, which contains many useful items à la Doraemon, chiefly the glowing Olympic Rings that give Sam the extra confidence he needs to save the day. Other members of the mostly human cast included Pelican the hippie, Thunderbird the weightlifter, and dim-witted, donut-eating cop Bogie (presumably a Humphrey Bogart reference amid all the avian names). Though set in "Olympic City," the location is clearly modeled on Los Angeles, even down to LAPD uniforms, though these have incongruous Stars of David instead of the traditional sheriffs' badges. When not fighting corruption within the force itself, Eagle Sam chases Gokiburi, a skateboarding, jive-talking cockroach in shades. Made to cash in on the "Eagle Sam" mascot of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics-compare to the Moscow equivalent, Misha the Bear Cub.

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Name Eagle Sam
Publisher ?
Start Year 1983
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