E-chan the Ninja

E-chan the Ninja is an anime series
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Average Japanese girl Miko gets a strange playmate in the form of Etsuko Sarutobi, an exceptionally athletic girl who has the ability to talk to animals. With her pet Buku, a dog that speaks with an Osaka accent, and Taihei Tenka, a confused crusader for justice, Etsuko helps Miko deal with problems in her neighborhood, particularly Takeshi Oyama, the local bully.

These humorous exploits of a psychic ninja girl and her talking dog were animated as a series of two-part stories, each segment occupying half the broadcast. The series was broadcast on Mondays in the slot vacated by the long-running Secret Akko-chan, which has led many Japanese sources to classify it as a "magical girl" story, although Etsuko never actually uses magic. Based on Shotaro Ishinomori's 1964 Shojo Friend manga Okashina Okashina Anoko (There's Something Strange About That Girl), E-chan was an early animation job for a young Hayao Miyazaki, who worked on episode six. The show also inspired Katsuhiro Otomo, who wrote several works for adults, each conceived as a modernized update of a children's manga classic. Consequently, E-chan was transformed into Etsuko, the psychic schoolgirl of Domu (1980). See also Ninja Nonsense.

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General Information Edit
Name E-chan the Ninja
Romaji: Sarutobi Etchan
Publisher ?
Start Year 1971
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Aliases Monkey-style Jumper E-chan
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