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Durarara!! is an anime series in the Durarara!! franchise
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Durarara!! review ep 1 - 12 Reviewed by metalsnakezero on March 29, 2010. metalsnakezero has written 7 reviews. His/her last review was for Persona 4: The Animation. 35 out of 35 users recommend his reviews. 11 out of 11 users found this review helpful.

In Tokyo's downtown district of Ikebukuro, there are many rumors going around about headless bike rider, a Internet anonymous gang called Dollars, and many more. Ryuugamine Mikado has longed for adventure in the city and now he'll be getting it in full force. 
I wasn't sure what I got myself in to when I picked this series up but having watched its predecessor Baccano! I began to understand the style the series has with mixing character's story lines together, implementing the style of the setting and time, and able to making ever character likable in some way. Just like Baccano! Durarara!! has a large cast of characters and each has their own personality and reason in the story like the Headless rider who is looking for her head for years or the the fair-heir best friend who isn't always so joyful. Even those who don't look like they are interesting characters end up surprising everyone.
         The style of the music, artwork, and fashion all reflect the time perfectly just like Baccano!. Instead of the cold, brown, and dirtiness of the 1930s we have the clean, warm, and darkness of the modern day Tokyo. Everything flashes with bright colors in the day but at night when things start to happen the tint turns slightly brown increasing the excitement of the scene.  Music compose of jpops, rock, and jazz with complements well with this meal. The opening 'Uragiri no Yuuyake' gives off the excitement before starting the episode while the ending 'trust me' relaxes the reviewer with a boy band vibe (Not sure if I enjoy the boy band vibe -_-). 
          Nothing feels out of place as everything in the world of Durarara!! come straight from the real world like most people are carrying cellphones or how the chat room of ever episode looks like and acts like any other chat room. While there are real world things it doesn't mean their some type of magic or mystery like the headless rider or the creepy slasher.  
This series has shown that this style of story telling can be form with anything and I would like to say I really enjoy myself with it. However, the series isn't over yet and I'll be ready to finish this roller coaster ride.
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