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Durarara!! is an anime series in the Durarara!! franchise
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Anri Sonohara

A young glasses-wearing girl that attends the same school as Ryugami Mikado and Masaomi Kida. She is very quiet and reserved.

Celty Sturlson

The "Headless Rider" of Durarara!!, Celty Sturluson is in truth a horse-riding Dullahan from Ireland, who came to Japan to retrieve her head.


Russian Sushi owner. Simon's friend that migrated to Japan with Simon.

Erika Karisawa

A friend of Walker Yumasaki. She is a very passionate otaku and manga reader.

Haruna Niekawa

A former student of Raira Academy. The reason for her transfer was because Haruna came into belonging a daughter of the cursed sword Saika. Since obtaining this cursed knife she has been slashing random people at night in Ikebukuro.

Hijiribe Ruri

A idol seen in the Durarara! series who is Saburo Togusa favorite.


One of the members of the Yellow Scarves.

Isaac Dian

A thief with a love for disguises and comic relief along with Miria. He boards the Flying Pussyfoot with Miria to escape with the cash from their latest caper.

Izaya Orihara

A mysterious underground informant that roams in Ikebukuro. Izaya Orihara is arguably the main antagonist of Durarara!! series.

Kasuka Heiwajima

Heiwajima Shizuo's younger brother. Who's a famous actor under the alias, "Hanejima Yuuhei".


A friend of Saburo Togusa who get tickets for him to his favorite Idol Ruri Hijiribe. He is also a member of Dollars.

Kida Masaomi

Kida Masaomi is a childhood and best friend of Ryugamine Mikado. He is the outgoing and active counterpart to Mikado's sheltered lifestyle. Very at home in the city of Tokyo, he serves as a guide to Mikado.

Kinnosuke Kuzuhara

A motorcycle cop with the police department. In the anime, he is known to chase after criminals viciously and has caused accidents and injuries among bystanders during his chases.

Kururi Orihara

One of Izaya's younger sisters. Kururi has a Twin Sister named Mairu.

Kyohei Kadota

A friend of Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa. He is a member of the gang Dollars.

Mairu Orihara

One of Izaya's younger sisters. Mairu has a Twin Sister named Kururi.

Mika Harima

A student at the Raira Academy who starts to develop feelings and stalk Seiji Yagiri. After discovering Celtys head in his room he violently slams her head into his wall. Later she awakens finding her face has been remolded to look like Celtys.

Mikado Ryugamine

Mikado Ryugamine is a student who moves to Ikebukuro to start his new academic career. He is known for being reserved and shy about many things.

Miria Harvent

Partner in crime with Issac and another source of comic relief. Miria boards the train with him to escape with the cash from their latest heist.

Namie Yagiri

The Chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals and sister of Seiji Yagiri. She harbors feelings for her brother.

Rio Kamichika

A character from the Durarara series. Rio is classmate of Masaomi Kida and discovers her father is cheating on her mother and starts having thoughts about suicide.

Ryo Takiguchi

A member of the dollars gang that attends the same school as Mikado.

Saburo Togusa

A friend of Kyohei Kadota who is also a member of the gang Dollars.

Saki Mikajima

Masaomi Kida's ex-girlfriend.

Seiji Yagiri

Namie Yagiri's little brother, deeply in love with Celty to the point of obsession.

Shiki Awakusu

The head of underground organization Awakusu-kai. Frequently asks Celty to do deliveries as a favor to him.

Shingen Kishitani

Shinra's father and a man with an eccentric personality. His behaviour is odd to the point that he wears a gas mask, claiming: "Tokyo air is very filthy.". He has also a habit of spinning a pen in his right hand.

Shinra Kishitani

A underground doctor who lives with Celty and is her self-proclaimed boyfriend.

Shizuo Heiwajima

An ill-tempered, super-strong young man with a bartender's outfit in Ikebukuro who carries intense animosity towards Izaya. Shizuo is one of the main protagonist in the Durarara!! series.

Shuji Niekawa

A tabloid reporter in Ikebukuro who studies the urban legends of the city.

Simon Brezhnev

A tall black Russian that helps runs a sushi shop in Ikebukuro. A cheerful and outgoing demeanor hides fearsome strength.

Takashi Nasujima

Takashi Nasujima is a lecherous teacher at Raira Academy who has had several incidents with female students.

Tanaka Tom

Tom is a older senpai to Shizuo in middle school and a Debt collector, he also hired Shizuo to be his bodyguard, using his name to scare people into paying their debts.

Walker Yumasaki

A friend of Erika Karisawa and a member of the Dollars gang.

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