Dungeon Suite

Dungeon Suite is an anime episode of Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic that was released on 10/14/2012
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After entering the dungeon, Aladdin and Alibaba find themselves besieged by numerous traps and ferocious dungeon creatures. Ugo, the sacred spirit summoned by Aladdin, repulses them all, but Aladdin's strength is soon exhausted…
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Plot Summary

Giant ant munches Aladdin
Giant ant munches Aladdin

As Aladdin and Alibaba stand before the portal to the dungeon, Aladdin suddenly collapses and falls on Alibaba. The two fall into a dungeon. Alibaba sees Aladdin laying on the water, and he rushes to save him from danger when the water ignites. Meanwhile, Jamil's supporters beg Jamil to not go into the dungeon. After Ugo rescues Alibaba and Aladdin from a boulder, the two stumble upon a room with eggs. Alibaba finds himself touching an ant and that an ant has Aladdin in its mouth. As Alibaba slashes the ants, the ants merge together into a large slime giant with knifes. Aladdin summons Ugo who concentrates magic around his fists. Ugo defeats the enemy, and then, Aladdin collapses due to exhaustion. Moments later, Alibaba helps Aladdin rest a bit, and he thinks the flute drains a lot of energy. Alibaba examines the flute and looks at its insignia.

Jamil stabs Goltas repeatedly
Jamil stabs Goltas repeatedly

Later, Alibaba wakes up and spots Jamil and Goltas walking by. Suddenly, Morgiana appears with Jamil and Goltas behind her. Jamil and his group walk past Alibaba, and Jamil bows to Aladdin whom he calls Magi. After Goltas picks up Aladdin, Alibaba demands Jamil to explain. Jamil has Goltas kill Alibaba, but Alibaba quickly pins Goltas from behind. Jamil punishes Goltas for losing to Alibaba by stabbing him repeatedly. Then, Jamil repeatedly kicks Goltas and talks about how he is going to rule the nation. Moments later, Jamil and the group arrive to fiery blockade where a stone tablet has the language Tran engraved on it. Alibaba reads and translates for Jamil, and Jamil stabs Alibaba's arm. Jamil orders Alibaba to move first to lead them through the traps. Alibaba moves quickly and evades the flames. He activates the switch and turns off the flames.

Suddenly, Alibaba gets engulfed in flames. Jamil does not care for Alibaba, and Morgiana rubs off a speck off her cheek. When Aladdin wakes up, Jamil greets Aladdin and introduces his slaves. After Jamil and Goltas leave the two, Aladdin tries to cheer up Morgiana with crazy expressions. He is happy when he manages to get Morgiana to laugh. Morgiana begins explaining about her homeland and how beautiful is it. Aladdin asks Morgiana to take him there, and Morgiana states that she is a slave who cannot be free. When Aladdin asks Morgiana about Alibaba, he is shock to hear that Alibaba is dead.

From above, Alibaba makes his presence known to Aladdin. Morgiana tells Alibaba to know his place. Jamil returns to see Alibaba who explains the true translation. Alibaba states that he found the right path by pushing the dragon's jaws in. Aladdin uses his magic turban to levitate, and when Aladdin reminds her of her home, Jamil snaps Morigiana out with his order. Morgiana runs up to catch Aladdin only to fail. Jamil kicks Morgiana down and stabs Goltas in the back to vent his anger. Aladdin and Alibaba find a giant door and open it with the magic words, "Open Sesame." Their surroundings dissipate and changes into a vast metropolis.

Points of Interest

  • Burning Water is a special type of water that burns brighter than oil lanterns.
  • The mystery shadow that Alibaba recalls is a character called Kashim (Cassim).
  • Goltas is from the north.
  • Morgiana is a part of a race from the Dark Continent. She calls her home, Katarg.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, the slime copies Alibaba's knife. Whereas in the manga, the slime copies Ugo's legs.
  • The anime shorten up the ant scene by excluding the discovery of eggs.
  • In the manga, the traps had spikes and a trapdoor. Compared to the anime, it's fire with a hidden wall.
  • In the manga, Jamil realizes he has been tricked by himself. In the anime, however, Alibaba explains to Jamil about his trick.
  • In the anime, Jamil orders Morgiana to capture Aladdin and Alibaba. For the manga, Jamil was not there, and Morgiana goes after them.
  • Anime Only: the flashback of Kashim (Cassim)


  • Japanese Name: "Danjon Kumikyoku" (迷宮組曲)
  • Manga Chapter: 5-11 (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Opening Theme: "V.I.P." by SID
  • Ending Theme: "Yubi Bōenkyō" by Nogizaka46

Characters & Voice Actors

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