Dungeon Capturer

Dungeon Capturer is an anime episode of Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic that was released on 11/04/2012
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Aladdin's faith in Hakuei is well-founded - she is trying to make the Kouga Empire a protectorate through peaceful means but falls victim to Ryosai’s scheme. Unaware of this, the Kouga Clan is enraged over the attack on Grandma, and prepares for battle.
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Plot Summary

Baba stops her clan from attacking Hakuei
Baba stops her clan from attacking Hakuei

Aladdin rushes Baba to treat her wounds. Meanwhile, Hakuei and Seishun go to the Kouga Clan to fix things, and Ryosai informs her that he will be the leader in her absence. Next day, the Kouga Clan are angry with the Kou Empire, and Dorji tries to calm them down but to no success. The men starts arming themselves and storming down the plains on their horses. Baba asks Aladdin to help her. At the Kou Empire camp, a soldier comments that the Kouga clan did not kill a single soldier and that they have to kill one of their own men. Ryosai tells them that they start a war. As Hakuei and Seishun race towards the Kouga Clan, they get trapped by the Kouga men in a narrow canyon on both sides. A man attacks Hakuei who did not dodge. Baba tells her clan to cease the fighting. She informs Hakuei that her clan will submit to the Kou Empire. Baba explains that her clan is tired from years of invasion and slave hunting. Because of Aladdin's words, she believes in Hakuei. Hakuei tells everyone that she will keep the Kouga Clan. Later, Baba has passed away, and Aladdin talks to Baba's soul. She reassures Baba that everyone's soul is connected to the Rukh and that Aladdin won't be alone.

Hakuei uses Djinn Equip
Hakuei uses Djinn Equip

Meanwhile, Ryosai meets Hakuei and Seishun with his army. Hakuei realizes it is Ryosai who is behind the incident. Ryosai tells Hakuei about his made up story how he arrived to vanquish the Kouga Clan for killing Hakuei. When Hakuei insults Ryosai, Ryosai sends his army to attack. Hakuei blocks the arrows with a gust of wind, and Seishun charges at them with his Household Vessel. Hakuei does Djinn Equip and wraps herself with a wind shield. At the same time, Aladdin detects a disturbance in the Rukh. Back in Hakuei's battle, she protects the men from the arrows that Ryosai and his men fired in order to drain Hakuei's Magoi. When Hakuei's Magoi runs out, she finds herself captured. Moments later, Seishun is lying bloody and injured on the ground, and Hakuei breaks free and attacks Ryosai. When Ryosai tells Hakuei that he will duel her one-on-one, arrows hit Hakuei, and Ryosai laughs hysterically. Before Ryosai could kill Hakuei, Aladdin intervenes with Ugo's Halharl Infigar attack. Then, Ugo punches and knocks Ryosai. Hakuei is at awed with Aladdin's powers, and Aladdin informs Hakuei that he is a Magi.

Paimon tells Aladdin about a Magi's purpose
Paimon tells Aladdin about a Magi's purpose

When Hakuei's fan glows, Aladdin touches the Djinn Vessel. Suddenly, Paimon emerges from the fan. Ugo pops out, and Paimon talks with Ugo after touching poor Ugo. Paimon explains to Aladdin that Hakuei is her destined queen. She explains that Magi are people who choose a king, and a scene of Judal and Hakuryuu is revealed. Later, Dorji and Toya bid Aladdin farewell. When one of the Kouga men give Aladdin a sword, Aladdin recognizes the sword and explains to them about Goltas. Dorji thanks Aladdin for staying with Goltas to the very end. In a flashback, Ugo tells Aladdin that he will know who he is.

Points of Interest

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

IconCharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
  • Household Vessl: Double Moon Sword
  • Heat Magic


  • Harhar Infigar (灼熱の双掌)

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, a soldier who is injured reports to Hakuei about the Kouga clan's attacks. Whereas in the anime, Ryosai reports to Hakuei about a slain soldier who is seen with an arrow in the back.
  • Location of the Ambush: For the manga, Hakuei and Seishun arrive to the village where the Kouga clan ambush them. In the anime, they are ambushed in a canyon.
  • Censorship: In the manga, Hakuei's face has more blood and cuts on it than the anime version.
  • Aladdin never used Halharl Infigar in the manga version of the battle.


  • Japanese Name: "Danjon Kouryakusha" (迷宮攻略者)
  • Manga Chapter: 22-25 (up to page 13)
  • Opening Theme: "V.I.P." by SID
  • Ending Theme: "Yubi Bōenkyō" by Nogizaka46

Characters & Voice Actors

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