Dumb and Smart

Dumb and Smart is an anime episode of Bakuman. that was released on 10/09/2010

Dumb and Smart Episode 2

Dumb and Smart (馬鹿と利口) Baka to Rikō

Moritaka Mashiro discovers that his crush Miho Azuki is aspiring to be a voice actress and they agree to marry each other once their dreams are fulfilled. As Mashiro deliberates on whether or not to go with it, Takagi lends his own advice as his family has something interesting to say about his dream.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Blue Bird" by Kobukuro

Moritaka Mashiro wakes up the next day after confessing his love to Miho Azuki and agreeing to marry her once he becomes a professional mangaka with an anime and she a voice actress. He tries to get ready but still feels nervous about the whole thing. His mother tells him Akito Takagi has arrived to escort him to school as he grumbles. He criticizes Takagi for picking him up from his house as Takagi calls him Saiko, a variation on how to pronounce "Moritaka". Mashiro feels that Takagi is mocking him as he then starts to call Takagi Shujin with the same purpose to pronounce "Akito" in a different manner. Mashiro feels determined about going into the manga business not because Takagi asked him though but because he now has a promise with Azuki to marry her in the future.

As the two get to school, Aiko Iwase stops them to motivate Takagi to excel on their midterms today. Mashiro laments on how the two are the smartest in the grade as Azuki and her best friend Kaya Miyoshi walk by, talking and enjoying their day.

Mashiro and Takagi try to talk
Mashiro and Takagi try to talk

Mashiro feels a tightness in his stomach as Azuki seems to be unphased with what happened the other night. Even when they get to class and begin to take their test, Mashiro feels sick to his stomach. He gets excused to go to the nurse's office as Takagi gets excused too, both finished with their exams. They try to talk about what happened last night, but the nurse chastises them before they leave to hang out on the roof.

On the roof, Mashiro explains that he can't be in the same room with Azuki or else his stomach will turn over on itself with nervousness. Takagi smiles as he complements Mashiro on that since he feels that that sort of love is more realistic than those that publically display their love in open and act all fake about it. Mashiro asks if he thinks he and everyone else in class is dumb. Takagi replies that Mashiro is the smart one since he has ambitions and knows how life is supposed to work. He also cites Azuki as being smart as well since she is modest, cute, and an overall great person. Mashiro wonders how Takagi's mind operates as he tells him about how he'll need storyboards from Takagi. Takagi has no idea what storyboards are as Mashiro wonders how much he has to teach the genius.

Takagi asks though how Mashiro's parents will take the news of him becoming a mangaka if Nobuhiro died from it. Mashiro realizes that he'll need to ask his parents about it before going on with it. The way that it works is that he asks his mother something and then she asks his father, wondering why he never had a proper conversation with his father. He asks his mother who criticizes the idea and says no. Mashiro lets it slip that he thinks that Nobuhiro killed himself as she yells at him for it. He goes upstairs to wait for his father to come home. He hears him come in and his mother comes up immediately.

Mashiro gets unexpected support from most of his family
Mashiro gets unexpected support from most of his family

Apparently Mashiro's father supports him on this choice since he told his mother "Men have dreams women can never understand." Mashiro starts to get excited but has to tell his grandfather as well since it was his son that died from the manga industry. Mashiro tells him the same thing to his grandfather as he gets a set of keys to give to Mashiro. They are the keys to Nobuhiro's apartment, stating that he'll need it. His mother still seems shocked as does Mashiro, but his grandfather tells him that he'll need it sooner or later. He runs to the train station, calling Takagi to let him know what happened and to meet up with him.

Ending Theme "Bakurock ~Mirai no Rinkakusen~" ( Bakurock ~未来の輪郭線~Bakurock: Outline the Future) by Ya-kyim

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Tsugumi Ohba Original Concept The mysterious author of the supernatural thriller Death Note.
Tomoyuki Shitaya Character Artist/Designer Character designer for Bakuman and KissXSis (TV)
Kenichi Kasai Director
Noriaki Akitaya Director Noriaki Akitaya is an anime episode director who worked on the Code Geass series.
Takeshi Obata Original Concept Illustrator of Death Note.
Reiko Yoshida Writer
Yuniko Ayana Writer A writer for animes.
Audio Highs Music Composer for Gintama and Bakuman.


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