X/1999 #6 - Duet

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on

Plot Summary

Kamui still interrogates himself about his destiny. He could save neither the person he loves nor a distant person. He understands to be distant with persons he cares don’t protect them. At this moment, Kotori and Kamui fall in an illusion. An attack is launched on them. Kamui answers with difficulty. Indeed he must protect Kotori. A man does his entrance. It is the sakurazukamori, Seichiro Sakurazuka. A fight begins between Seichiro and Kamui. It is Seichiro who takes the advantages because he targets Kotori. In order to save Kotori, Kamui cannot protect himself. Seichiro tries to finish Kamui; but he is stopped by the entrance of Fuma and the reverse of his attack. Seichiro prefers to make himself scarce.

Kamui wakes up whereas Kotori is still asleep. Kamui’s wish to protect Kotori changes the behaviour of Fuma. He tries to reveal the secret they link him and Kamui; but Kotori wakes up. Fuma retrieves his usual behaviour. Fuma and Kotori require explanations to Kamui. Not so far, Arashi and Sorata have understood they need the help of Subaru Sumeragi in order to fight the sakurazukamori.

At the Tojyo Firm inside the Sunshine 60, Nataku is stabilized in a serum whereas Tyojo explains Nataku is a genetic creation, an artificial human being created for the “jour de la promesse”. Tyojo interrogates his employees to know which information they find on the sacred sword. The only information they have is that the sacred sword is alive.

Arashi and Sorata call the Sumeragi family chief to obtain the information about the place where Subaru is. They learn that Subaru is already in Tokyo.

Kamui remembers the last events and is wondering if he can protect Fuma and Kotori now they are involved. Fuma remembers to Kamui that he promised to protect him.

Kotori has a vision. She and fragments fall under the sea. She sees one of the fragments and discovers that fragments are parts of the Earth. Seven persons with huge cloak do their appearance. One of them reveals to be Kamui; but he has angel wings. She falls into his arms; but she sees in his reflect, another Kamui with devil wings who tries to save her. It is too late. The Kamui with angel wings pushes Kotori into the water. Kotori finds herself fixed on a cross. She sees another Kotori fixed too; but she is dismembered. The crosses disappear and Kotori falls on the Earth. She prefers to destroy herself instead of the Earth. Kotori and Hinoto wake up. Hinoto has seen Kotori’s vision.

Fuma has another behaviour crisis. He reveals to Kamui that they have twin destinies. Then he becomes normal. Kamui doesn’t have the time to think about this because a massively injured Tokiko arrives. She explains it is too late. It is her destiny to give birth of the second sacred sword in the Togakushi Shrine. She is dismembered and the second sacred sword appears.


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