Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure Characters

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure is an anime series
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Akane Yamano

The Earth Defense Force's United Nations advisor

Ayuko Rara

The wife of Hiroshi Rara, and ex-wife of Ken Sanada. In the parallel world, she manipulates events while behind the scenes, posing as Rara's submissive wife. In reality, she controls the Rara Army along with the mysterious alien named Kumu.


A mysterious bioroid, and the pilot of the robot Subpar.

Hiroshi Rara

A noble prize scientist in one world and a megalomaniac leader of the Rara army in the other reality.

Kazuki Yotsuga

The main protagonist of Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure.

Ken Sanada

Mitsuki's father who is a scientist from both realities. But in the alternate reality he never married Ayuko so Mitsuki was never born.


A sentient spherical being from a long forgotten ancient civilization. Ayuko Rara's advisor and seems to have known D in the past.

Mitsuki Rara

The Rara Army's spokeswoman/mascot, and his daughter. She later deflects to EDF's side after her parents brainwashed her into a piloting a robot.

Mitsuki Sanada

Reika Nanjounin

Yayoi's grandmother.

Yayoi Schwael

The previous pilot of the white Core Robot (Hartzenen). After suffering a serious head injury in battle, Yayoi's career for piloting ended. Since Kazuki saved her she falls in love and calls him "her prince".

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