Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure is an anime series
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A show created by Tenchi Muyo creator Masaki Kajishima. It originally aired on G4 Tech TVs Anime Unleashed in America.

When he uncovers a strange artifact at a construction site, a worker accidentally splits the universe into two parallel continua. In one universe, the artifact is used to develop human technology in strange and new directions; in the other, life continues as normal. Twenty-two years later in the everyday world, Professor Sanada tries to prove the existence of a parallel universe. His daughter, Mitsuki, tells him about the visions of schoolboy Kazuki, who claims to see giant robots fighting in the streets. Accidentally triggering the professor's device, Kazuki finds himself in the parallel-world where the evil Rara is trying to conquer the world. Kazuki also learns that the parallel Prof. Sanada has gotten the UN's backing to create an Earth Defense Command to stop Rara, and that Mitsuki transported to this world the month before. She has had time to introduce herself to the parallel of her father, who is a bachelor in this world and has been too busy fighting evil to develop a similar parallel world technology to send her home. Sanada accepts the obligation of adopting Mitsuki, also making her a robot pilot in the EDC. When they find that Kazuki has arrived and can also fly a robot, they enlist him, too.

Dual was Pioneer's entry in the race to duplicate Evangelion, stealing plots, moods, characters, shots, and even set designs from the 1995 smash and adding half a dozen pretty girls straight out of their own Tenchi Muyo! franchise. The show adds some clever identity crises-Kazuki is the only person who does not exist in the parallel world that includes evil versions of love interest Mitsuki and her mother. With a passionless, suicidal girl (the cyborg D, last remnant of a lost civilization), young pilots forced to share a house, and Eva-like robots, its reverse-engineered origins are clear, but the slick marketing savvy of producers Toru Miura and Kazuaki Morijiri ensure that nothing gets taken too far. People don't get killed (at least not permanently), jokiness often takes precedence over drama, and a happy ending restores everything to almost normal, with Kazuki surrounded by adoring girls. Careful integration of computer graphics makes for some good robot battles, but much of the design in Dual seems a little too sparse; the scenes often seem too uncluttered, giving the show a sanitized look to match its sanitized plot. Thankfully, it also lacks Evangelion's messy ending, though after a denouement seemingly shot on the same road-bridge that closes Serial Experiments Lain, a final episode on video threatens an as-yet-unmade sequel.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Katsuhito Akiyama
Seiko Nagaoka
Akihiro Izumi
Heisaku Wada
Yosuke Kuroda
Masaru Sato

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General Information Edit
Name Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Name: デュアル!ぱられルンルン物語
Romaji: Dyuaru! Parare Runrun Monogatari
Publisher AIC
Start Year 1999
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