Drum Island Characters

Drum Island is a anime/manga location
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The Head of Staff and one of King Wapol's loyal men. Best recognized for this jester clothes and wavy lips.


Dalton is the former captain of the guard of Drum Island and the Sakura Kingdom. Now the elected leader of Drum Island.

Doctor Hiriluk

One of the last few rogue doctors during Wapol's reign on Drum Island. The man who started Chopper on his dream of being a doctor.

Doctor Kureha

Kureha is a lady and witch of a doctor to Drum Island. The one who properly trained Chopper on his dream to be the best doctor.


One of King Wapol's highest ranking officers in his Sakura Kingdom. Known for his black afro and matching gloves.


Once the King of Drum Island and head of the Sakura Kingdom, Wapol decided to venture out into the Grand Line as the captain of his ship and crew. Wapol is a Devil Fruit user who ate the the Baku-Baku Fruit. He can devour objects and combine them together.

Wapol's Father

Wapol's Father was once the kind and fair king of Drum Island before his death.

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