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Drule freedom fighter who opposes the oppressive government. Leader of the URF.


A ruthless and treacherous Drule commander, plots against and betrays Hazar at every turn while Hazar is trying to make peace with the Galaxy Alliance


Drule captain, and frequent adversary to the Voltron Vehicle Force.


Carp is an ace-pilot from Planet Doom, he flies a Red Robeast ship which was custom built for him. He has a particularly uneasy relationship with Mogor. Nearly destroyed Voltron.

Clone Lotor

A clone of Prince Lotor created by Lotor and Haggar in order to make the Prince of Doom look braver then he really is. It is stronger and more agile then the true Lotor, and has no fear of death.


Ruthless Drule Warlord and friend of Prince Lotor.


Dorma is one of the few Drule females featured in the series. She only appeared towards the end of the series to show a different, more humane and moral side of the Voltron Force's, enemies, the Drule.

Drule Voltron

A deadly mech created by the Drule, it was defeated by the combined efforts of Voltron and Vehicle Voltron. It is the combination of four robeasts and Lotor's skull ship.


Durax is a Drule mech pilot

Emperor Zeppo

Supreme ruler of the Drule Empire

Good Witch Haggar

When Allura appealed to Haggar's good side, an unexpected event occurred, the evil of Haggar purged the good from her body, giving birth to an entity with the power of Haggar and a pure heart.


A Drule captain, not particularly evil but often follows orders despite his personal feelings


Hazar is a Drule commander who is initially the primary enemy of the Voltron Vehicle Force, over the course of the series he gradually went from villain to hero. He most recently made a brief cameo in the new series Voltron Force.


A Drule warlord who aided Lotor in overthrowing King Zarkon. Later became a major enemy of the Voltron Vehicle Force.

King Zarkon

The evil king in voltron


Mogor (or Morgill as he has also been referred to as) was the Doom Fleet commander who took Yurak's place following his predecessor's death.


Captain in the Drule fleet, he is one of the primary Drule villains in the Voltron/Dairugger XV series.


A deceitful Drule council member


Mozak is the father of Commander Hazar.


Mozan is a Drule military leader.


A commanding officer of the Drule Fleet.

Prince Lotor

Evil son of the Drule King Zarkon. He has an attraction to Princess Allura.


Captain in the Drule Fleet, he piloted a Robeast Mech

Queen Merla

Ruler of the Seventh Kingdom, Merla was once betrothed to marry Prince Lotor. Merla was initially an enemy to the people of Arus and the Voltron Force, but reformed her evil ways later on and became an ally of Voltron.


Raddick is a Drule captain.

Red Berets

A group of savage warriors from Planet Doom. They hold a particular role of infamy in Voltron for being part of the shows goriest episode, where they were seen murdering large numbers of people, children included.


Young Drule who befriended the Voltron Vehicle Force


Twila is a female member of the Drule species. She is not to be confused with the slave girl of the same name from an earlier episode of Voltron however, as there is no connection between the two characters.


A Drule fleet leader, seems to be the rare exception to the "white hair rule" usually associated with older Drule males.

Viceroy Throk

Viceroy Throk is the leader of the Drule fleet and the main enemy of the Voltron Vehicle Force.

Witch Haggar

Witch from Planet Doom. Haggar is responsible for splitting Voltron into 5 seperate lions to begin with and severely injuring Sven to the extent that he had to leave the Voltron Force.


Captain of King Zarkon's forces, Yurak was one of the original villains of Voltron. Due to his many failures Yurak was eventually sentenced to death by King Zarkon, but instead of being executed Yurak voluntarily was transformed into a robeast to regain his honor.


An evil Drule fleet commander


Zabore is a Drule pilot.

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