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An alien race from the Voltron and Dairugger XV franchises. Their homeworld has been virtually made uninhabitable by pollution leading them to aggressively try to claim new worlds, which in turn often puts them at odds with human colonists and other aliens.

They are the true tie that binded the Armored Fleet Dairugger XV and Voltron franchises prior to the Voltron Fleet of Doom movie, as both series had characters referred to as being from the Drule race, first appearing in the Dairugger series, and later Keevor made the Drule part of Voltron, and later yet still Cossack, one of the main villains of the last twenty episodes of the Lion series was identified as being a Drule. The species seems to have two skin color/eye color varients the more commonly seen purple skin with red eyes or the rarer blue skin with yellow eyes in the cases of Throk and Cossack as notable examples, regardless their hair color seems to be entirely white among virtually all the males of the species.

While early on the Drule seem to be a cut and dry universally evil race, as time goes on and the series progressed it is more and more clear that the Drule are not evil at all and just desperate people led by corrupt individuals. Hazar the initial primary Drule villain is developed in such a fashion that he grows to see that war and violence are not the answer and begins to try to make peace with the Galaxy Alliance, an action which leads to him receiving demotions and mutiny from his crew, though more and more Drule begin to develop similar views to Hazar, leading to interesting plot points of this race being primarily good people who live under the rule of an oppressive military state.

Drule slavers like Zarkon are stated to be living on the the fringes of Drule society, and are in fact outside the normal government.


Military: The power structure of the Drule military seems greatly reliant on a commander sharing political views with Zeppo, any questioning to the government seems to result in immediate treachery to the commanding officer.

The military symbol of the Drule is an upside-down triangle.

King Zarkon, and other Drule slavers and despots, while not considered part of the actual Drule government, are clearly supported by them, such was the case when Viceroy Throk supported King Zarkon in fighting the two Voltrons.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Drule
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name: Gairan
Aliases Garubeston Empire
Gairan Empire
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Armored Fleet Dairugger XV #1
1st anime movie: Voltron Fleet of Doom
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