Sket Dance #12 - Drop

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 02/04/2010

Plot Summary

Combat Dance

Based on a Japanese folktale (The Crab and The Monkey), Hime avenges her mother (Reiko) by allying herself with a weird group, Chestnut Montblanc (Chiaki), Bee Honeycomb (Koma), Mortar (Dante), and Cow Poop (Bossun).

Shinba's Elegant Cooking

In Shinba's Elegant cooking story, Shinba is asked by Yagi to demonstrate his cooking talent for the school. He agrees and tries to take Mimori and Sasuke as his assistants; however, Sojiro and Daisy feel offended that Shinba had not asked them. After Mimori has everyone draw golden lots, Shinba has Sojiro and Daisy as his assistants, but things go wrong when Sojiro and Daisy do things their way.

Defeat the Fortune Teller

When Hime and the Sket Dan go to Reiko to get their fortune read, they find out that Reiko's methods are a scam due to Himiko Minakami's teachings. Switch and the Sket Dan crew challenge Himiko Minakami to a showdown where they will attempt to prove that her fortune telling is a scam in front of her followers. Can Switch and the others defeat Himiko Minakami at her own game?

The Man Known as the Origami God

When Hime is folding origami poorly, Bossun shows her how to do it properly. Amazed at Bossun's skill, she asks Bossun to do several origami and even challenge him. Bossun wins easily, and Switch informs him about a contest with a prize money of 10,000 Yen. Can Bossun win the origami contest?


Japanese Release Date: February 4, 2010.

American Release Date: Unknown.

Chapter 100: Combat Dance

Chapter 101: Look Over Here for a Moment - "Shibaraku misasete moraimasu" (しばらく観させてもらいます)

Chapter 102: Shinba Michiru's Elegant Cooking - "Shinba Michiru no ereganto kukkingu" (榛葉道流のエレガント・クッキング)

Chapter 103: Defeat the Fortune Teller, Part 1 - "Uranaishi o yattsukero zenpen" (占い師をやっつけろ 前編)

Chapter 104: Defeat the Fortune Teller, Part 2 - "Uranaishi o yattsukero kōhen" (占い師をやっつけろ 後編)

Chapter 105: Drop - "Doroppu" (ドロップ)

Chapter 106: Deka-Dance in a Circle - "Marutsui dekadansu" (マルツイ・デカダンス)

Chapter 107: The Man Known as the Origami God - "Origami to yobareta otoko" (おり神と呼ばれた男)

Chapter 108: Whispered Instructions - "Hisahisa insutorakuson" (ひそひそインストラクソン)



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