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Dreams & Nightmares is a anime/manga concept
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Ataru Moroboshi

The lecherous teenage protagonist of Urusei Yatsura. Chosen to defend Earth from destruction by playing a game of tag against Lum, an alien oni, he inadvertantly becomes engaged to her after winning. He won't let that stop him from chasing every sexy woman that crosses his path, though.

Azami Mido

Azami Mido is one of first inmates of Deadman Wonderland that Ganta interacts with. She also becomes a part of the Forgeries.

Chiba Atsuko

The main character of the Paprika film. She is a psychiatrist who uses the DC Mini to treat her clients inside their dreams under the guise of her alter ego Paprika.


A Legendary Psychic type Pokemon known for its abilities for giving good dreams to others.

Engi Threepiece

Engi Threepiece is a dream demon is the vessel of Yui Konagi. She seeks to avenge the death of her sister in the real world.

Haruka Doumeki

Shizuka Doumeki's grandfather. He was the Shinto priest at the shrine where Shizuka lives. He appears in Watanuki's dreams.

Haruyuki Arita

The main protagonist of Accel World who becomes involved in the VRMMO game called Brain Burst. His avatar is Silver Crow the first and only avatar with the ability to fly.

Homura Akemi

A magical girl who transfers into Madoka's school who tries to prevent her from becoming a magical girl.

Isane Kotetsu

Isane Kotetsu is the Lieutenant in the 4th Division of the Gotei 13, under Retsu Unohana; and the older sister of Kiyone Kotetsu.


The Droid seen in episode 75 of Sailor Moon R. Jakoku trapped Chibi Usa in her nightmare.

Kakyo Kuzuki


Korra is a young girl from the Southern Water Tribes and the incarnation of the Avatar, after Avatar Aang.

Kuu Shiratori


A Succubus Demon Familiar with the ability to manipulate dreams, she was created by infusing the soul of a deceased human girl into the body of a cat.


A sexy alien oni and Ataru's unwanted fiancee in the long-running manga and anime Urusei Yatsura.

Merry Nightmare

Merry Nightmare is a dream demon from the Dream World. She was cast out and now wants to find a way to return.

Queen Badiane

The main villain in the third Sailor Moon film who is a witch from another world whose plan is to gather all of Earth's children and use their sugar Dream Energy to nurture her Black Dream Hole.

Queen Nehellenia

The main antagonist of Sailor Moon Super S who is the Queen of the Dead Moon Circus.


The mother figure to the other Haibane of Old Home. Reki has been a Haibane for seven years and cannot remember her "cocoon dream," due to this she is troubled by her past at Old Home and by nightmares.

Rem Ayanokoji

A young private detective who is capable of entering peoples dream and combat demons trying to take their life force.

Ryo Utsugi

Ryo is a man obsessed with hell he always carries a copy of the Divine Comedy and knows that hell is slowly seeping into our world. It is revealed he is the reincarnation of Dante Alighieri and is preparing for his journey into hell.

Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester hunts demons and supernatural creatures with his older brother, Dean.

Sasami Masaki Jurai

Ayeka's Younger Sister and Second Princess of Jurai. She's a dependable and hard working girl around the Masaki Household.

Shiki Tohno

The main protagonist of Tsukihime, he is a caring older brother figure who has been physically weak ever since an 'accident' in his childhood. As events unfold, he is pulled into helping Arcueid Brunestead kill vampires using his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Tomokazu Mikuri

The main protagonist of Yumeria who is a helpless 16 year old pervert and average teenager with many friends, he is unknowingly the Destiny Transformer who is meant to change the world.

Yuichiro Hyakuya

Yuichiro is the main character of Seraph of the End. He want to kill all Vampires for enslaving humans and to avenge his adoptive family that was made from the orphans kids like himself.

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