Dream Hunter Rem

Dream Hunter Rem is an anime series in the Dream Hunter Rem franchise
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Rem Ayanokoji is a private detective with the ability to enter dreams and hunt down demons who try to steal the life force of humans by invading their dreams.


Like Project A-Ko, DHR was originally planned as an erotic video series but released into the mainstream without undue nudity as the creative climate changed during the 1980s. She gets her name from the acronym for "rapid eye movement," a phenomenon of light sleepers. A combination of the magical girl and teen ghost-hunter genres.


The insomniac little girl Rem develops the power to enter other people's dreams and earns a living as a private investigator, accompanied by her dog, Alpha, and cat, Beta, who appear as a puppy and kitten in the real world but transform into a fierce giant wolf and cougar when Rem enters people's dreams. Her first mission is against the "Death God" who appears to be possessing a young girl's dreams and driving Rem to commit murder. In episode two, she investigates a series of murders at a high school rumored to be the work of the ghost of a girl who was held prisoner and died in the clock tower. The first series ends with a traditional ghost story, as Rem must fight the jealous spirit of a Taira warrior executed there many centuries earlier. Two further episodes that were pastiches of famous horror novels, New DHR, followed in 1990 and 1992, with Okuda writing and directing. In the first, a Dracula rip-off, Rem must discover why the pretty young Mina has developed sleeping-sickness. In the second, she journeys to the small Alpine city-state of Franken, where a Dr. Victor is troubled by dreams of a robot man called Julian. The sequels had their own subtitles, The Knights Around Her Bed (1990, Yume no Kishi-tachi) and Massacre in the Phantasmic Labyrinth (1992, Satsuriku no Mugen Meikyu).

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Kazuaki Mori

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Name Dream Hunter Rem
Name: ドリームハンター麗夢
Publisher ?
Start Year 1985
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