Dream Eater Merry

Dream Eater Merry is an anime series in the Dream Eater Merry franchise
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Yumekui Merry is an anime series of Yumeji Fujiwara, a young aspiring writer, is being hunted buy a dream demon called The Chaser. Yumeji's only defense is Merry Nightmare, a dream demon looking to return to the World of Dreams.


In this Anime it has a very typical starts like all Animes it start with a boy being chased by ninja cats. Just kidding! Unlike most animes this one has a very realistic dreamy side to it. In fact for Yumeji Fujiwara it might br a little to real. About 10 years ago he gained the power to see other peoples auras about their past dreams and future. One night when Yumeji was having his usual nightmare it becomes slightly different this time. Instead of just being chased he is caught and threatened by the Johnny Doe a demon from the dream world. When he wakes up Yumeji can't stop thinking about the weird dream and a girl from above falls on top of him. Yumeji was not only surprised by this strange encounter but the person herself was very unusual. She explains that she was a dream eater and that she needs help getting back into the dream world. Yumeji takes it upon him self to help her get back while she keeps him safe from evil demons.


Yumeji Fujiwara - has brown hair, he is medium height and a well-shaped man overall. But the weird thing about him is that 10 years ago be got he power to read other peoples dream auras. He has a true heart of gold but he can be lazy. He will stand up for anyone but is quick to run away when alone.

Merry Nightmare - has purple hair wears extremely slim and weird clothing along with marks on her face and slant eyes. She is a dream demon that has a body of her own which makes it possible to go from the dream world to the real world. But she forgot how. So Yumeji Fujiwara helps her with her problems while she defends and helps him. She doesn't like spicy food but likes sweets. Merry is also kind, brave and strong but she can also be bossy, talkative and childish.

Theme Music

Opening Theme

"Daydream Syndrome" by Marina Fujiwara.

Ending Theme

"Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi (ユメとキボーとアシタのアタシ)" by Ayane Sakura.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Hideki Shirane
Keiichi Oku
Yoshitaka Ushiki
Masahiro Fujii
Kenji Matsumoto
Terumi Nishii

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General Information Edit
Name Dream Eater Merry
Name: 夢喰いメリー
Romaji: Yumekui Merī
Publisher J.C. Staff
Start Year 2011
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Aliases Yumekui Merry
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