Dream Eater Merry Characters

Dream Eater Merry is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Engi Threepiece

Engi Threepiece is a dream demon is the vessel of Yui Konagi. She seeks to avenge the death of her sister in the real world.

Isana Tachibana

Isana Tachibana is the childhood friend of Yumeji Fujiwara.

John Doe

John Doe the dream demon, The Chaser. He's the leader of the cat army who appears in Yumeji's dreams.

Leader Cat

Leader Cat is a commander of John Doe's cat army.

Mei Hoshino

Mei Hoshino is the the kind-hearted president of of the school's literary club.

Merry Nightmare

Merry Nightmare is a dream demon from the Dream World. She was cast out and now wants to find a way to return.

Ryota Iijima

Ryota Iijima is the rice-loving teacher of Yumeji's school and sponsor for the Literary Club

Saki Kirishima

Saki Kirishima is a student and member of the school's Literary Club.

Takateru Akiyanagi

Takateru Akiyanagi is a member of the school's literary club who always writes poems.

Yumeji Fujiwara

Yumeji Fujiwara is a student in high school with the ability to perceive the aura of people's dreams.

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