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Drama is a anime/manga concept
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Blood Phobia

Blood Phobia is the fear of blood


The term given to a couple who has decided to cease their relationship.


These two guys are always together and so close, but share a non-sexual relationship.

Dark Past

One or more past events that negatively affected one or more people. It's very common in an anime for at least one person to have such a past.


The Funeral is the act of a burial after a death. Friends and family gather to morn as the body is placed into the ground, or pass along condolences to surviving family.


A form of Japanese performance art. Sometimes depicted in anime.

Loss of Innocence

Like real life, anime and manga characters lose their innocence through war, trauma, rape, torture, and many agonizing scenarios.

Major Death

Death of a major character.


The act of taking another person's life.

Origin Story

The tale of how a hero or villain came to be who they are.

Romantic Drama

Romantic Drama is a concept used in series to create tensions of highs and lows in order to leave the audience in suspense over an outcome in a romance based series.

Sole Survivor

The only remaining member(s) of a group that faced a threat or event that killed the overwhelming majority of all other members.

Star Crossed Lovers

Are kept apart no matter how much they struggle and endure.

Super Weapon

Any object or even character that is considered a weapon of great power that usually can change the world. Super weapons are usually created to be the ultimate weapon though sometimes they are only considered as such after demonstrating some form of great power.


A story or event centered around human misery. Characters in the story face suffering, dread, and destruction.


The massive battle of death between 2 factions or nations. Can either be because of religion, need for power or wealth, hatred of the other faction/nation etc.

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