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A legendary creature that is typically reptilian, that can fly and can breathe fire and sometimes ice.

Bowser can breathe fire as a dragon.
Bowser can breathe fire as a dragon.

Throughout history, dragons have been a symbol of both evil (mostly in Europe) and Good (mostly in Asia), being claimed to be either gods, dieties, divine creatures or demons. Some people even claim that one of Satan's many aspects is not only the snake, but the dragon aswell. In some cultures, the dragons were even a creature to be worshiped like any other god. Though they mostly use fire, they can also use ice, shadows, sand, thunder or even energy from the wilds. some can even control time (but this is a very rare ability, though).

The Europeian dragons tends to have a very muscular and robust body along with large wings on the back and sometimes even sharp spines on the back. A tail is also very common on these dragons along with massive horns. The Europeian dragons are known for hoarding masses of treasures that they stole from royalty or villages, wich has led to adventurers trying to claim some of it, only to end up being burned by the scorching flame-breath of the dragon or to be crushed under its feet by the dragons brute strengh. The scales of a dragon is said to be harder than most metals and is valued highly amongst blacksmiths and magicians. However, the scales around the area that covers the heart is weaker and it is possible to stab it with a sharpened blade, thereby ending the life of the dragon. Sometimes it can be possible to decapitate it if you are strong enough and if the dragons neck is soft enough.

The Asian dragons tends to have a more snake-like shape, along with horns, spines and sometimes even facial hair. The ammount of benevolent dragons seems to be higher in Asia and so is also the ammount of dragons who can control magic. These dragons tends to be more intelligent in comparision to their brutish cousins in Europe (even thogh some dragons in Europe has shown a noteworthy ammount of intelligence) and some of them can even speak in human languages. Wile the dragons in Europe seems to be based around destructive abilities, the Asian dragons can carry many goodhearted abilities sutch as healing or wish-granting.

Due to the magnificent variation of dragon species, there are many dragons that can come in all shapes and sizes, from whelps growing only to the size of a human hand to massive wyrms that can grow even bigger than mountains. The dragons that are most commonly used in order to serve as pets or military beasts are the ones who are the drakes ("teenage dragon") due to the fact that they are easy to tame aswell as great mounts. To train a dragon in order for it to submit to your demands can be tough and if you are not carefull you might end up crippled for life or even dead. It is important to note that not all dragons can be tamed even if they are of a smaller size. They might either be to powerfull or simply to intelligent to comply. Some of them can even take the shape of a human. However, all dragons can be tamed if you are able to bring them back from the dead, though great knowledge in necromancery is needed for sutch an act.

Dragons have an amazing lifespan and can live up to thousands of years, thus granting thm the possibility to create serveral generations of dragons. Most dragons reproduce by laying eggs. The members of the dragon family can be divided as follows:

Hatchling: Newborn dragon. These children are not able to fend for themselves and would most likley die out in the wilds. These are the dragons that the parents are most concerned about.

Whelp: Dragon baby. At this point they have most likley learned to fly short distances as well as breathing small amounts of fire, but are still in need of an adult in order to take care of itslef. They can hunt smaller animals sutch as rabbits and they can also cause injuries to unarmed humans. It is common that the parents of the whelps are not very protective for them as they are when they are hatchlings.

Drake: Teenage dragon. At this point of the dragons life, he/she can leave the nest and live its own life. They are now perfectly capable of flying long distances wile lifting heavy objects, as well as killing most animals and humans in its path. Breathing fire is no problem for these dragons, but may not be instantly lethal of avoided properly. Drakes are most sought after by humans to be used as mounts. During most of the time, the parents of the drakes have no concern over the life of the drakes.

Adult Dragon: Well over 100 years. They are now cabable of destroying entire villages or smaller kingdoms. It is at this age where they get a fixation for power and wealth and will most likley not only settle with human treasuers, but also the treasuers of other dragons. The burning breath of an adult dragon will almost always kill most creatures.

Wyrm: Ancient dragon. Well over 1000 years. These veterans of the dragons are next to unstoppable by human forces. Not only are they capable of destroying massive buildings with a single blow of its mighty tail, but their breath can case metals to melt and turn bones into ashes. These wyrms usually have control over serveral other dragons aswell as well a large share of the food and wealth they collect. The Wyrms can sometimes merge together with the element it controls (For example: if the dragon breathes fire, then his skin might be covered in magma and flames). The wyrms heed orders from no being on this world.

Some notable species of dragons includes the Hydra from Greece, the Lindworm from Sweden, the Ruy from Japan, the Naga from India (though it is not always considered a dragon and instead a serpent) and the Druk from China. It is still debated if the Loch Ness Monster from Scotland should be considered as a dragon or a Plesiosaur (a long-necked, underwater reptile). However, most people agrees that the salamander is not a dragon, but simply a fire-breathing lizard (though some spectulate that it can have some form of biological relation to the dragons and may even by the early evolutionary stage of dragons.)

Dragons has also found a way to fame through anime and manga. A few famous ones are Charizard from Pokémon, Shenlong from Dragonball, Blue Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh and Haku from Spirited Away.

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