WTF Wednesday: I Did Not Know That

Topic started by gia on April 8, 2009. Last post by kyoko_sensei 5 years, 11 months ago.
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As a professional anime fan, my knowledge of American popular culture sometimes fails me. It took me a few months before I learned that “House fans” are not, in fact, people who like to drive around neighborhoods looking at pretty homes. Or that the show Fringe was not about cowboys or flappers. I'm guessing a few of you might be in the same boat.

So like me, you might not realize until reading this interview at the Sci Fi Wire that Jamie Chung, the actress playing Chi Chi in Dragonball Evolution, actually got her start on MTV's The Real World. Which just makes me completely and utterly sad. (On the other hand, you all might have totally known that. Which makes me sadder.)

The interview is mostly her talking about the Chi Chi vs Mai fight scene where Mai morphs into a Chi Chi clone and how difficult and time-consuming the filming process was. Interesting stuff if you're curious about the effect.

Meanwhile, I'm going to just go sit in the corner with a bottle of Bacardi until the midnight showing on Thursday...
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I learned that yesterday and I finally realized why she was so familiar. Don't judge me, but I used to watch The Real World: San Diego where she appears (it's the only one i've watched >_<)...She's actually a nice person and not a drama queen like most of reality tv stars, sadly her acting skills in DB Evolution were subpar but I wish her the best for the future. 
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I know her from the ABC Family mini-series Samurai Girl.

Samurai Girl was pretty crappy, but the fact that Chung is really freaking hot made up for that.

I'm expecting similar results for the Dragonball movie.
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She's young so her appearance on MTV Real World is way after my time.  You can pretty much assume anyone on "reality" TV these days are just aspiring actors.
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I can be proud of the fact I didn't know this because I've never watched MTV.
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I did not know who she was, and I feel somewhat glad that I did not.
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one word: wikipedia.

i hate her fight scene with Mai, its not even fighting, ITS A SISSY AND EXTREMELY BAD CATFIGHT.
but she still fails :(

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I could not remember her season at all. Then I wiki-ed it. No wonder I couldn't remember her - her season had two of the most obnoxious loudmouths in RW history (Robin & Brad). It's hard to stand out in a good way with so much obnoxiousness around.
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