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Topic started by gia on June 8, 2009. Last post by Gerhabio 3 years, 3 months ago.
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Do I get my movie now?!
Do I get my movie now?!
So, we already knew that a sequel was already written for Dragonball Evolution, though of course we have no idea what content it features. James Marsters is the one who sprung the leak, telling an interviewer that he's getting ready to shoot the sequel after his music tour is done (...did not know he was in a band). News via Topless Robot, who, of course, called this ages ago.

Before you even ask the dreaded three-letter word ("WHY!?"), remember that as TR noted that day oh so long ago, DBE did well enough just in its foreign releases to justify the sequel, once we found out its budget was smaller than originally thought, and doubtless they think a sequel will do at least as well. So that's why.

The rest of the original interview with Marsters doesn't offer much detail on the film, though his desire to make a Piccolo-centric sequel is well-documented. He does talk a bit about the first Dragonball film and how they tried to "stay true to the essence of Dragon Ball." He also talks a bit about life after Buffy and the usual topics...and some unusual ones, like how it felt to kiss John Barrowman on Torchwood.

Let the bitching commence! To get you started-- what would you want a sequel to do, and what would you want a sequel NOT to do? And do you think Marsters is getting his wish for a film based on the Gohan-and-Piccolo-team-up arc?
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I think i wanna torture castrate and kill the moronic A-H who approved this >.<
It will probably be the start of Saiyan Saga or at least a massive time skip that will confuse the viewer to no end xP
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Well, I would like for this sequel to NOT exist. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.
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Still haven't seen the first one. While I'm sure it'll be bad, a new point here will be how well the first DBE left itself open for a sequel, and I don't really know if it did or not.

I'm thinking it'll at least be Raditz, if not the entire Saiyan arc and maybe some Freeza.
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@Niko: It left itself pretty wide-open for a sequel, as pretty much any potential franchise film would.

As for the sequel, I just won't waste my money on it. Wish I hadn't with the first, but I thought I should at least give it a fair shake.
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Yay! eerr... boo!

I don't know what you want from me!
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F*ck DBE I hope this is the last sequel.
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I didn't see the first one, but I sorta want to. Maybe I just make bad decisions...(went to Death Note world and stole soap...)
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Some one shoot me now
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Seriously? Haven't they done enough? I humored the first one thinking I could at least get some laughs. That didn't work out. I wasn't drunk enough. I just cried. I don't think I can do that again.
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F***************************************************ck is all I can say.
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What a waste of goddamn money.
Post by Atsuma_Akubara (194 posts) See mini bio Level 6
Who the F8ck approved this? THAT MOVIE WAS SO SH!!TY...
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I think I'm going to be sick.
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I thought the first one didn't even surpass its $100 million budget...I iz confuzzled
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The first DBE was full of inconsistencies like
for some reason Grampa Gohan knew who Piccolo was even though he had never met him before even though the legend goes "Nameks came to destroy the earth" (In the movie) not Piccolo. Roshi raging about only having a few days to get the dragonballs before the eclipse. Which leads to him staying down a whole Yamcha created for the whole day before trying to jump out. Bulma magically discovering that there was a dragonball down there while this was going on when they had been down there all day so surely she should of picked something up.. And how does a "High level air-bending technique" (kamehameha) put out and light candles? And also how does the blood from Piccolo get transfered from him to the door where his minions came out? all I saw were vials that were being filled, no leads/pipes at all.
I didnt watch all of it because I found it a disgrace to a treasured memory and luckly I didnt have to pay. I think the people thinking of making a sequel should be assassinated, who knows maybe Akira will hire people for us? XD 
Forgot to add 

He does talk a bit about the first Dragonball film and how they tried to "stay true to the essence of Dragon Ball."    

 How in anyway did this film stay true to the essence of Dragon Ball?
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@Oneesama: Grandpa was supposed to be dead before the movie started.
3 minutes in and they already screwed up xP
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Ah. . . . .Fuck.
You know what be funny? If the next film takes place during the GT series. 
Now that be hilarious.
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@Oneesama:  I dont see where you got this idea of the earth guardian from? Do you mean to say Grandpa Gohan knew the earth guardian? Because I havent seen the movie whole way through I don't know if there is even a guardian of the earth (Im pretty sure there isnt even though I didnt watch to the end) and even if Grandpa did know him that doesn't mean he would know his counterpart. Also the legend states that the "Namekians" tried to destroy earth thousands of years ago so technically the movie is saying a lot, if not, all of them are bad.
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hoo boy, shows the intelligence level of some of the people running the movie joint...
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