Dragonaut -The Resonance-

Dragonaut -The Resonance- is an anime series in the Dragonaut -The Resonance- franchise
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A Story about a 18 year old boy who lost everything and by a twist of fate is sucked into the world of "Dragons". Along the way he meets many new friends and enemies alike.


Dragonaut -The Resonance- is an anime series that aired on TV Tokyo between October 3, 2007 and March 26, 2008. The series was directed by Manabu Ono and co-produced by Gonzo and Nihon Ad Systems.

FUNimation Entertainment acquired the license to distribute the anime series in North America in 2009.

On November 2, 2007 a manga adaption was serialized in the Japenese Shonen manga magazine Jump Square published by Shueisha. The series published six chapters before ending in April of 2008. A bound Volume was released on May 2, 2008 containing all of the chapters.

The only major character difference between the manga and anime besides Jin's entire personality is the added character of Belurum who completed resonance with Ai, Jin's little sister, only she panicked and touched one of its tentacles causing it to destroy her in the manga.


See also: Dragonaut - The Resonance (anime) characters for all characters in this series.

Main Characters

Jin Kamishina (カミシナ・ジン Kamishina Jin)
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono Justin Pate
Gender: Male
Eighteen year old Jin was cold and didstant due to loosing his whole family in a shuttle accident two years before. After meeting Toa who saved him he began to care again loving Toa with all his heart. His one goal is to protect Toa and to live a life with her.
Toa (トア)
Voiced by: Minori Chihara Colleen Clinkenbeard
Gender: Female
Tao is an original Dragon who was created from Thanatos. She is powerful and is referred to as the "Album" by the ISDA. She is sent to Earth by Thanatos to bring back all the Earth born Dragons. She reveals she is the one who collided with the shuttle carrying Jin's parents. She has the "Stigmata" which heralds her impending death growing brighter as her death comes closer. In the last episode her "Stigmata" Disappears Her power as a Dragon is a creating barriers which allows her to create and use barriers including locking her enemy's in spheres.
Gio (ギオ)
Voiced By: Junichi Suwabe Christopher Saba
Gender: Male
Originally suppose to be teamed with Kazuki Gio who's name was given to him by Kazuki's misreading his number G-10 awakes early to Toa's call as she actualized while protecting Jin. He claims he was created to protect Toa and has some feelings of being outcast out of the fear that Jin and Toa wouldn't want him around and he would be a nuisance.At one point he pretends to turn on his friends but only does it to protect Toa. Though he lived with Jin and Toa in the year time skip at the end of the series he leaves Earth for parts unknown. He is a very strong Dragon and his ability as a Dragon he is able to create a sword while in his Communicator form and finish's his opponents with a horn that he extends and slashes his targets with.

Dragonauts & Dragons

Dragons while still eggs underwent "Resonance" a procedure that forms a bond between Dragon and Dragonaut allowing a Dragonaut to ride the Dragons but done improperly can cause the attempting rider to explode. The Dragons obey their riders and only a few do not have riders.

Raina Cromwell (ライナ・クロムウェル Raina Kuromuweru)
Voiced by: Takuma Takewaka J. Michael Tatum
Gender: Male
The leader of the Linworm unit he had originally joined on recommendation from Jin's father, Jin's father had also recommended Raina for the D-Project. His Dragon is Howlingstar and the two defect from ISDA when Gillard takes over.
Howlingstar (ハウリングスター Hauringusutā)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita Brad Hawkins
Gender: Male
The most boisterous of the Dragons and a bit of a show off he took it hard when he had to take out Spirytus becoming a little more toned down. He shows that he cares greatly for his fellow Dragons. His ability as a Dragon is Spear while in dragon form his two wings come together in a cone shape with which he spears his enemy's at a high rate of speed.
Akira Sōya (ソウヤ・アキラ Sōya Akira)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro Brina Palencia
Gender: Female
A member of the Lindwood group she has a close bond with her Dragon. Akira feels that Machina is the complete embodiment of a woman everything she is not. While working with ISDA she often helped Jin, Toa and , Gio when she could. Jin and Toa's relationship showed her it was okay for the love and careing between Dragonaut and Dragon could be much more than Master and Weapon. She is later killed by Garnet and then encased in ice by Machina with her dragon. Their spirits smiling at eachother as Thantanos leaves earth in peace. This allowing the Dragons and humans to co-exist there spirits happily soared into the afterlife.
Machina (マキナ Makina)
Voiced by: Yūko Gotō Caitlin Glass
Gender: Female
Machina is Akira's Dragon though she acts more the big sister or mother figure often correcting Akira's speech. Her loyalty is more than the bond of Dragon and Dragonaut as she cares for Akira and follows her of her own will. When Akira dies the bond to her humanity is broken causing Machina to loose her humanity she encases them both in ice with her last bit of clear thought. Her spirit travels with Akira's into the afterlife. Her ability as a Dragon was water. In her Communicator for she cold control water. In her Dragon form she could use whips and balls of water as well as shoot dozens of ice sickles from her wings.
Sieglinde Baumgard (ジークリンデ・バウムガルド Jīkurinde Baumugarudo)
Voiced by: Nana Mizuki Cherami Leigh
Gender: Female
A child prodigy she entered collage at the age of nine and lived a lonely existence her only friend her dog by the name of Amadeus who dies. She names her Dragon Amadeus after him. She has a bad relationship with her dad as she feels he only cares about the family empire and her ability to take it over when the time comes though he later shows that he does care about her. She is part of the Lindworm group. Despite her seemingly cold attitude she cares about her teammates.
Amadeus (アマデウス Amadeusu)
Voiced by: Eiji Maruyama Mark Stoddard
Gender: Male
Sieglinde's Dragon he cares for the girl to a fanatical degree even panicking when he know doesn't where she is or if she is hurt. Despite his aged appearance he is a great fighter. As a Dragon his ability is gravity he as able to send out large burst of gravity in his Communicator form.
Kazuki Tachibana (タチバナ・カズキ Tachibana Kazuki)
Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara Todd Haberkorn
Gender: Male
He originally had a successful Resonance with Gio but became jealous when Jin took off with Gio. Constantly trying to retake Gio thinking of the Dragons as objects to be owned. His erratic and homicidal actions often putting many in danger. He teams up with Widow as she lost her counterpart as well only she lost him to death. After Widow dies he realizes he was wrong and after a brief fight with Jin apologizes.
Widow (ウィドー Widō)
Voiced by: Saeko Chiba Jamie Marchi
Gender: Female
After loosing her Dragonaut she meets Kazuki after being beat up by some thugs. She sees a kinship between them as they had both lost someone they cared about and allows Kazuki to pilot her. Even though Kazuki treats her coldly and as if she doesn't matter her only goal is to make him happy. After the one year time skip she reveals herself to be dying and then disappears.
Asim Jamar (アーシム・ジャマール Āshimu Jamāru)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano Jerry Jewell
Gender: Male
He is the leader of the Gillard Army and the Second Prince Gillard receiving the title after the First's death. Caring for nothing other than his own selfish wants he originally wants Gio but later taking an interest in Toa finding her power and the fact that she is an Original. Asim's Dragon Garnet and Asim resonated years before when he found her egg on the side of a mountain. He dies in an explosion caused by Gio. It is later shown his and Garnet's souls where absorbed by Thananos.
Garnet MacLaine (ガーネット・マクレーン Gānetto Makurēn)
Voiced by: Aya Hirano Lydia Mackay
Gender: Female
Resonating with Asim fifteen years before her main goal is finding out the secret behind the Resonance process. It is rumored that she killed the previous prince on orders from Asim. Garnet is killed in the explosion cause by Gio and was absorbed by Thananos along with Asim.
Itsuki Habaragi (ハバラギ・イツキ Habaragi Itsuki)
Voiced by: Ryōko Ono Luci Christian
Gender: Female
Itsuki is the leader of the Vritra Unit she has a younger brother on the same team by the name of Yuuya. She knows Raina from the past and her Dragon is Otohime. After surviving Ostrum's attack on ISDA's L-3 space station she and Otohime where knocked out of the sky.
Otohime (オトヒメ)
Voiced by: Ryōko Ono Luci Christian
Gender: Female
Otohime is Itsuki's Dragon. They bare a striking resemblance to each other than a few small superficial things. Yuuya addresses her along with Itsuki as nee-san which is Japanese for older sister. The two after surviving Ostrum's attack on ISDA's L-3 space station where knocked out of the sky by Ostrum.
Ostrum (オストルム Osutorumu)
Voiced by: Masami Iwasaki Justin Cook
Gender: Male
An original Dragon it is unknown who he Resonated with as he claims to have killed them directly after he was born. When he arrives he destroys the ISDA's L-3 space station killing the Vritra team except for Itsuki and Otohime who he knocks out of the sky after they enter Earths atmosphere. He supposedly dies when Gio shoves him and a Type-X warhead out of the Earths atmosphere only to return later and be killed while fighting Gio.

Theme Music

OP01"Perfect Blue"Jazzin' Park ft. ATSUMI??-??
ED01"Rain Of Love"Yukari Fukui??-??
ED02"FIGHT OR FLIGHT"Yū Kobayashi??-??


  • OP01: ATSUMI performed the piece alongside Jazzin' Park, as a guest vocal.
  • ED01: Lyrics written by Shoko Fujibayashi, composed by Hiroshi Takaki.
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 25
Resonance - As If Echoing Together Forever -
1 - 24
Imperial Wrath - A Vanishing Tomorrow -
1 - 23
Glorious Death - With Sorrow and Hope -
1 - 22
Raid - Hour of Judgement -
1 - 21
Farewell - The Successor -
1 - 20
Rescue - Severed Bonds -
1 - 19
Family - Fragements of Warmth -
1 - 18
Peaceful - Temporary Everyday Life -
1 - 17
Roaring -When the Shining Star Burns-
1 - 16
Wailing - Fates Torn Apart -
1 - 15
Embrace - Ones Calling Out To Each Other -
1 - 14
Friend -Changing Future-
1 - 13
Visit - Denoted Guidepost -
1 - 12
Assault - Scorching Messenger -
1 - 11
Rumbling - Seeking the Truth -
1 - 10
Truth - Shattered Mirror -
1 - 9
Determination - Through the Gale-
1 - 8
Parting - Echoes from the Empty Sky -
1 - 7
Reminiscence - Reflections of the Heart -
1 - 6
Reunion - Attracting Emotions -

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Manabu Ono

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