Dragon Shooter Phase.2

Dragon Shooter Phase.2 is an anime episode of Jormungand that was released on 06/12/2012

Koko and her crew manage to survive the initial attack, but the Balkan Dragon simply retreats, taking with him the lead doctor as a hostage. As they form a plan to rescue him, Mao offers an idea using one of the 125mm Howitzers located next to the airstrip. Koko buys one of the cannons from the local army officer as the plane is prepping for takeoff. The plane takes off as the Dragon's forces fire off several missiles and anti-aircraft batteries at the plane. The plane drops all the countermeasures it can to dodge the initial volley of fire, and then Mao uses his skills to fire a flechette canister at the attacking forces from the cargo ramp of the plane, raining steel arrows down on the anti-air position until the enemy soldiers are dead.

After getting her crew to safety, Koko then places a call to Scarecrow, offering to hand over the Dragon to the CIA in exchange for the $5 Million USD reward. Scarecrow refuses, so Koko calls up Schokolade instead, who accepts the offer. Using HCLI's resources, Koko tracks the path of the Dragon's caravan, and sets up an ambush that leads to the doctor's rescue while they leave the Dragon tied up for the CIA's black ops team to find.

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