Dragon Sense

Dragon Sense is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 08/05/2011
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Faust, Knightwalker, and the army convert the Exceeds into Lacrima; Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel take on Faust's Droma Anim while Erza Scarlet fights with Erza Knightwalker.

Plot Summary

Recap: With Mystogan coming home, Pantherlily sheds tears for his prince. Pantherlily gets shot in the abdomen area.

Everyone gasps in shock when Erza Knightwalker shoots Pantherlily, and she reminds him that he owes a debt to King Faust while Pantherlily falls out of the sky. Chagot wants to help Pantherlily, and one of the Exceeds (female one) rushes to help him. Knightwalker yells Scarlet's name, yet Mystogan tells her that she has to deal with him. Suddenly, Faust's voice scolds Mystogan and explains that he has betray his kingdom by spending 7 years in Earthland to seal off Anima.

The Droma Anim
The Droma Anim

Bursting out from the ground, an armored egg emerges. Faust explains that he will wipe them all, will obtain another lacrima, and will fuse it with the Exceed. After he tells Mystogan that he is not his father but the King of Edolas, the Droma Anim (Dragon Knight) reveals itself. As everyone wonder about its hardened armor and dragon shape, Coco explains that it has special anti wizard lacrima that cancels out magic. Faust orders his soldiers to capture the Exceeds. The soldiers unleash their magical cannons and convert the Exceeds into lacrima.

Exceeds being turned into lacrima
Exceeds being turned into lacrima

Taking into account of Knightwalker's army, Scarlet urges them to protect the Exceeds. Lucy asks why Natsu is not getting motion sick from riding Coco's Legion. Natsu replies that her Legion is not transportation but a buddy, yet he tries not to throw up. Once Coco states that using magic is pointless against Droma Anim, Gray tells them to dodge it. Adding to Gray's words, Mystogan says that the Exceeds are defenseless. Faust attacks Natsu's group, yet Mystogan blocks it. When Erza calls him "Mystogan," Faust refers to him by "Jellal." Mystogan uses three layered magic: Mirror Water to reflect Faust's attack at him. In the smokes, the Droma Anim has no dents from Mystogan's attack and blasts Mystogan out of the sky. As the soldiers keep converting the Exceeds into laccrima, Chagot and the others are nearby area of the Droma Anim. The elders and Chagot explains that long ago, the Droma Anim dyed the heavens black and that the world lost over half of its magic. Happy proposes to use Lucy as a decoy much to Lucy's annoyance.

Leave it to the Dragon Slayers
Leave it to the Dragon Slayers

Natsu and Gajeel attack the Droma Anim while Wendy delivers a Roar of a Dragon move on him. The three dragon slayers make their appearance to Faust. Natsu tells his friends to protect the Exceeds, and Gray reassures Lucy that these Dragon Slayers are capable of taking on Droma Anim.

On the ground, Pantherlily and the female Exceed watch the destruction and horrors of the Exceeds who are turning into lacrima. Mystogan finds Pantherlily. Meanwhile, the Exceeds and Chagot watch the Dragon Slayers. Natsu and Gajeel are boosted by Gajeel's Vernier. Using their amazing speed, Gajeel and Natsu attacks the Droma Anim, but their moves are not making a dent on it. Wendy calls her moves, Arms, to boost Natsu and Gajeel's strength. Faust realizes it is Wendy who is doing this and bombards her with homing orbs. Wendy uses Vernier on herself to dodge it, but she trips. Natsu protects her while Gajeel hammers on Faust's dragon knight. Two energy orbs which are bombs explode in front of Natsu. As Faust laughs, Natsu surprises him by swallowing the flames while Gajeel munches on Droma Anim's tail.

The Black Droma Anim
The Black Droma Anim

Natsu and Gajeel states "Now that I've eaten, I'm all revved up." Yet, they get into an argument with each other. The Dragon Slayers analyze their enemy, and Faust's Dragon Knight absorbs magic around him to transform into a Black Heavenly form. Faust decides to destroy the Dragon Slayer since they are dangerous. Faust attacks them by stabbing the ground, and Natsu attacks back on his rebound. Yet, Droma Anim shoves him back and unleashes a powerful shock wave on the Dragon Slayers.

Mystogan and Pantherlily watch from the sidelines
Mystogan and Pantherlily watch from the sidelines

Meanwhile, Mystogan apologizes to Natsu and tells Pantherlily that Natsu and the others are the only ones to defeat Droma Anim. He asks Pantherlily to help him with his final work. In the sky, Erza and the others fall into a trap, and they get shot from the ground. Knightwalker explains that those who rebel against the King will be killed. Charle struggles to lift Gray and Coco while Happy struggles to lift Lucy. Scarlet uses her chains to grab a Legion to launch herself to attack Knightwalker. Erza tells her that it's time to finish their feud. As Knightwalker and Scarlet land into the old capital of the Exceeds, Knightwalker tells her troops to keep on attacking the Exceeds.

Erza vs. Erza (Round 2)
Erza vs. Erza (Round 2)

On that island, Scarlet tells Knightwalker that she will end her Fairy hunting days. Scarlet changes into her Heaven Wheel Armor and engages into another battle with Knightwalker by telling each other that they will fight until one of them remains.

Points of Interest

  • Droma Anim = According to Mystogan, it means Dragon Knight in the native language.
  • Faust calls Mystogan, Jellal.
  • Trivia: When Faust calls Mystogan, Jellal, it maybe a clue why Mystogan tells Wendy that his name is Jellal in the younger days.
  • Running Gag: Wendy trips, and this scene plays three times. This is a third time Wendy did this since Nirvana Arc. First time was in episode 52 when she was meeting with the other guilds, and the second time in the Nirvana Arc was when Nirvana was crumbling to ruins after breaking all the lacrima. (See episode 52)

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Unlike the anime, the two Erzas start their battle in the air. Compared the anime, they start on an island.
  • The Droma Anim's egg did not appear in the manga.
  • In the manga, the Droma Anim's form is different. See image.
  • The Exceed that helped Pantherlily has a hat only in the manga.
  • Faust's cockpit in the Droma Anim has computer, visual screens. Compared to the anime, there is no computer screens.


Wendy's moves

  • "O swift wind that dashes through the heavens" - Vernier.
  • "O Strength of arm to cleave the heavens" - Arms.
  • Natsu's Dazzling Blaze of the Fire Dragon.
  • Gajeel's Spears of the Iron Dragon: Demon Poles.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Shoji Yonemura Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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