We Get Slimed: Dragon Quest IX Out July In North America

Topic started by MattBodega on May 19, 2010. Last post by DonChipotle 4 years, 10 months ago.
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In America, the Final Fantasy franchise is the undisputed king of Japanese RPGs. It's the franchise that is, for many game players in the west, synonymous with the acronym JRPG.  You would think, therefor, that Final Fantasy is the dominant franchise in it's country of origin, right?
 Look at these guys! Who would WANT to SLAY them?!
 Look at these guys! Who would WANT to SLAY them?!

But while the Final Fantasy games have certainly been successful in Japan, the series doesn't hold a candle to the nationwide fervor that accompanies a new installment in the Dragon Quest franchise. Each iteration to bear the series trademark Slimes is an event, and, as a result, every single main series has sold over a million copies. However, similar to franchises like Capcom's Monster Hunter, the game's wild success in Japan has never translated into the West; American sales for Dragon Quest(or Dragon Warrior, as it was titled on the NES and SNES) are a fraction of it's Japanese numbers.
That's not stopping Square Enix from trying to find their way into American hearts and wallets, as they've announced that Dragon Quest IX will be released stateside for the Nintendo DS on July 11. Thanks to a unique publishing arrangement, Nintendo will be actually distributing the carts rather than Square Enix, which means.....that Square Enix spends a little less money bringing the game stateside, and Nintendo spends a little more? Probably? I'm no businessman, but I can't imagine the change in publisher will have any effect on the U.S release.
Any long time Dragon Quest fans (or converts to the series after the excellent Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2) excited to fight slimes once again?
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We get slimmed?
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Dragon Quest 5 is one of my favorite DS games. I am stoked for more Dragon Quest.
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