My Completion for Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai

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So it took me over a mouth, but I finally finished Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai manga. I decided to read this when I found out that the Dragon Quest series was adapted into several manga series while I was looking through its Wikipedia page; that's when I took it upon myself to play through some of the Dragon Quest games. I was originally going to just read the first two chapters of the manga, but then my whole curiosity spiral into knowing how the series was going to conclude. 
Adventures of Dai is about a boy name Dai who was ship wreck as a baby, then raised by a monster on a island. Once he save a princess who visited the island for a ceremony gone wrong, Dai gains some popularity. But not long after, Hadlar, the king of the demon army, awakens and unleashes havoc throughout the world. That's when a legendary hero name Avan, whose outfit seems to be the inspiration for Angelo's outfit  from Dragon Quest VIII, comes to the island to train Dai into the next hero to fight the king of the demon army. Avan is then killed, so then Dai, along with a guy name Pop, go out into the world to avenge him.
Seeing how Akira Toriyama is the character designer for all the Dragon Quest games, you think he had involvement for the manga? Surprisingly no, it was written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Koji Inada. The Dragon Ball art-style is intact, despite no involvement from Toriyama. The manga also doesn't stop itself from making references from the Dragon Ball series in the Adventures of Dai manga. One of the characters was based off of Master Roshi, the character's name was Roushi, who was also the "god of martial arts." And I don't know if this was a direct reference to Dragon Ball, but one of the character's weapon was a black magic rod that can extend like the weapon that Goku had the Dragon Ball series. 
The series gets interesting as the characters start to develop. Lots of epic fights occur with some well design enemies, and some good plot twist and cliff-hangers kept me wanting to read more and more. The manga does start to show its weakness around about the last 1/3 of the series. It revolves around the heroes getting to the final villain, around when I got up to that part of the manga, I notice that I needed like over fifty chapters to go. . . . I honestly thought that some twist was going to happen and the story was going to take a different turn. But no, the heroes head to the fortress to fight the final boss, and the last several dozen chapters is about that; lots and lots of fights occur one after the other. Some of the fights defiantly dragged on a bit longer than it shouldn't. I was driven a bit frustrated in wanting to see how the fight was going to end. The ending was pretty lame, it was quick and some things were left up in the air.
Overall I ended up liking it. It was a good adaptation for the Dragon Quest series into the manga universe. The series was also adapted into an anime, and several movies were made based on the anime. I try catching an episode of it on YouTube, but all I can find was the Japanese dub version of one of the movies with no English text. And then I found and episode of the T.V show, but the dub was in Arab, I kid you not. 
This series is defiantly suitable for people that have some love for the Dragon Ball series. It has some traits that makes up the Dragon Ball series, and you'll also appreciate the Dragon Ball references that it makes.    
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