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In a fantasy world populated by humans, animals, and dinosaurs, religion is based on soccer. Amon boasts that he is the greatest player in the world and trains his son, Tokio, in the forest until the boy is good enough to be considered "the second-greatest." Amon takes his son to the kingdom of Elevenia, whose soccer team has won the Dragon League five years in a row. Settling an old rivalry, Amon is challenged to a rematch by Elevenia's star player, Leon Legacius, who defeats him with the Golden Ball and turns him into a small dragon. If Tokio is ever to see his father in human form again, he must take over the local junior team and transform its players into winners, in a bizarre combination of Dragon Ball and Captain Tsubasa. Tokio's relationship with Leon undergoes a transformation after Tokio defeats him in sudden-death overtime playoffs-Leon becomes Tokio's mentor and later team coach when they are called upon to play against the hellspawn Warriors of Darkness. A similar angle on sports-as-worship appears in Galactic Pirates, though later episodes take a far darker turn. Presaging Battle Athletes, the entire religion is revealed as an attempt to hold off invasion-real dragons from an alternate dimension have given King Win of Elevenia a single generation to train a team that can hold off their champion players. The grand finale features a literal death match, as stone "Death Dragons" destroy a city every time the dragon-team scores a goal, while Tokio's team desperately fights a losing battle.

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Name Dragon League
Publisher ?
Start Year 1993
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