Dragon Half

Dragon Half is an anime series in the Dragon Half franchise
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Mink is the daughter of a dragon and a retired dragon-slaying knight, sets out on a journey to get tickets for a concert held by Dick Saucer, a world-famous teen idol and dragon hunter.

Ruth the dragon-slayer falls in love with a dragon, and they settle down and produce a manic offspring called Mink, the titular dragon-half. The evil king plots to murder Ruth and take his wife for himself. Mink and her friends are obsessed with Dick Saucer, an idol singer who moonlights as a dragon-slayer. They try to get into his concert but are thwarted by Mink's rival, Princess Vina, a half-blob girl resentful of her genetic inheritance. Eventually, Saucer squares off against Mink and is defeated with a laxative potion that sends him scurrying to the toilet. Based on a 1989 manga by Ryusuke Mita, Dragon Half is a fan favorite and deservedly so, with an energetic sense of fun that switches constantly between normal and squashed-down cartoon versions of the characters, playful satire straight out of Warner Bros. cartoon comedies like Road Runner, and a very Japanese sense of humor that includes children in a medieval village having to forage for food before they can listen to their new CD. Remembered less for its genuinely zany action than for the closing theme, which features Mink (played by Sailor Moon-actress Kotono Mitsuishi) singing a song about cooking to the tunes of Beethoven's fifth, seventh, and ninth symphonies. It still makes the authors laugh even now; what can we say?
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Shinya Sadamitsu
Masahiro Koyama
Kohei Tanaka
Takahiro Kishida

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Name Dragon Half
Name: ドラゴンハーフ
Romaji: Doragon Hāfu
Publisher Victor Entertainment
Start Year 1993
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