Dragon Crisis! Characters

Dragon Crisis! is an anime series in the Dragon Crisis! franchise
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Ai is a young Lost Precious thief with werewolf-like abilities.

Bianca Alexandra Lou

Bianca is a Level 4 Breaker and a researcher working for the San Fransisco branch of the Society.

Eriko Nanao

Ryuji Kisaragi's cousin and the founder of the Seven Tails company.


Furumori is a level 9 Breaker and Ai's master.

George Evans

George is a priest and member of the society.

Hana Kisaragi

Hana is the wife of Reiichiro Kisaragi and the mother of Ryuji Kisaragi. She currently works as a freelance Break and Lost Precious hunter.


Kai works for Fang and serves directly under Onyx.


Makihara is a Lost Precious collector who lost his entire collection and his daughter more than ten years ago.

Mao Aikawa

Mao is a friend of Misaki Eto who does her best to see that Misaki and Ryuji Kisaragi end up as a couple.


A white dragon and Onyx's childhood friend.

Masato Aikawa

Masato is a girl crazy, healthy young Japanese high school boy who is good friends with Ryuji Kisaragi.

Misaki Eto

An extremely shy classmate of Ryuji Kisara who has had a crush on him since childhood.


Onyx is a Black Dragon and a member of Fang.

Reiichiro Kisaragi

Reiichiro is the husband of Hana Kisaragi and the father of Ryuji Kisaragi. Reiijiro and Hana worked for the Society in the past but he is currently a freelance Breaker and Lost Precious hunter.


Rose is a young Red Dragon who is being looked after by Eriko Nanao and Ryuji Kisaragi, a young man whom she fell in love with at first sight.

Ryuji Kisaragi

Ryuji is a level 10 Breaker and a fairly normal high school student who has a dragon girl named Rose placed under his care. He is a kindhearted young man with a strong desire to protect those around him.


Sapphie is a young Blue Dragon with mild proficiency at controlling water.


Tokura is a scientist working for the Society.

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